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Composition and Reading

This course in critical reading and expository writing offers training in the reading and writing processes, the development and organization of expository prose, and research techniques. The course emphasizes quality in logic and diction. C-ID ENGL-100.

Subject: ENGL
Course Number: 100
Section Number: 1382
Units: 4
Instructor: Mitchell,Curry

Instructor information about this course

Learning Management System (LMS) for this course: Canvas
LMS link:
Course start page:
Course email: ;
Office: OCT311; ConferZoom
Office hours: W 1:00-2:00
Phone: 760-757-2121 ext. 6221
Instructor notes:

This class meets entirely online in Canvas and will not require on-site attendance or exams. Large paper assignments will be completed over the course of several weeks; however, there will be weekly due dates for reading+ responses and discussion board activities, 3 mandatory webinar meetings*, and weekly office hours (held online and on-site) that will require you to accommodate a preset schedule.

Due to the nature of online instruction and classroom activities (like discussion boards), an Online ENGL 100 class demands far more reading and writing than a traditional, on-site ENGL 100 class. Please appreciate this reality before committing to this class.

+The assigned book for this course is Steven Johnson's Where Good Ideas Come From. Any edition is fine.

*Mandatory meetings will be synchronous, occurring usually on Monday or Tuesday evenings between 7:00 and 8:30 pm. Missed meetings can be made up with an alternate assignment.

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