News - 02/21/2014

MiraCosta College Math Instructor Hits Three Million Mark on YouTube

Math instructor Julie Harland "Your Math Gal"

MiraCosta College math instructor Julie Harland has reached the three million mark on her YouTube channel, where she has posted nearly 1,000 of her self-made math videos. Harland hit the milestone the week of February 10, and has now reached 3,023,274 views.
Harland’s math videos have attracted attention from all corners of the earth. Harland regularly receives emails, letters and postings from students and teachers thanking her and letting her know her math videos have made a positive difference. Many teachers, including some conducting special programs such as programs for prisoners, use her videos and recommend them to their students.  

“I've also got some cool, fun videos that show you easy ways to do arithmetic. The videos are used by K-12 and college students, as well as by anyone wanting to pass the G.E.D., those needing brush-ups, or anyone at any age simply wanting to learn or have fun. I've also heard from many retired people,” says Harland. “I like to share knowledge and make math lessons available to everyone—why limit it to my classroom. I enjoy the feeling that I’m helping people understand math—It’s like turning on a light bulb.”

Harland graduated from Vista High School where she taught after earning her B.A. in mathematics and teaching credential at UC Santa Barbara. She went on to earn her M.A. in applied mathematics at UC San Diego before joining the MiraCosta College faculty in 1987. She also has written her own books and continues to write her own materials, which she uses in her classes at MiraCosta College in conjunction with her videos. 

“I want students to know that math is everywhere. What they learn is how to problem solve. They can be good at math—all it takes is practice—I want them to know they can do it.”

Harland’s YouTube channel can be viewed here

She also has a website on which her math videos are organized by topic. 

Harland can be contacted at or 760.757.2121 x6387.

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