News - 05/6/2014

MiraCosta College Celebrates Outstanding Student Mathematicians

Math Scholars 2014

The MiraCosta College Math Department has announced the recipients of the department’s math scholarships and achievement awards, given to recognize select students for their outstanding efforts in mathematics. This year, seventeen students were honored at a reception held May 2. The students were presented with either a math scholarship, a math achievement award and/or an AMATYC (American Mathematic Association of Two-Year Colleges) award. A total of $3,645 was awarded.

Student scholarship recipients @ $350 each: 
Julia Beals, Merric De Launey, Richard Huizar, Erin Slattery, Tuan Tran, Brandon Van Over, Bijan Vossoughia and Corinne Wilbur

Achievement Award winners @ $100 each:
Jonathan Boever, Chase Ehle, Roman Lapshuk, Michael Moore and Paula Murfitt

AMATYC Award winners @ $75 each:
Richard Huizar, Julian Trupe and Hyeong Suk Yoon 

AMATYC Award winners @ $40 each:
Julia Beals, Abraham Ibanez  and Gilad Moskowitz 

MiraCosta’s full-time math faculty members contribute from their own pockets to the math scholarship fund throughout the year. Each year, a selection committee looks at the students who meet the criteria for the specific award (math scholarship or math achievement award) and decide how many to award as well as the dollar amount of the awards. In addition to the two types of math awards, the AMATYC awards are funded by the math scholarship fund and given to those MCC students who place well in the national AMATYC contest.  

Photo, front row left to right: Brandon Van Over, Abraham Ibanez, Richard Huizar, Corinne Wilbur, Merric de Launey, Paula Murfitt
Back row left to right:  Bijan Vossoughian, Tuan Tran, Gilad Moskowitz, Jonathan Boever, Erin Slattery, Roman Lapshuk, Chase Ehle

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