EOPS Faculty and Staff

Yesenia Balcazar, Faculty Director
The Faculty Director is responsible for the general functioning of EOPS, CalWORKs and RAFFY programs services, with special emphasis on community contact and recruitment of EOPS students. The Director acts as an advocate for change in the educational system and community, and serves as an EOPS representative on and off campus.

José L. Mota, Student Services Coordinator
The EOPS Student Services Coordinator oversees the day-to-day operations of the EOPS program and collaborates with the EOPS/CalWORKs Faculty Director in the development and implementation of student service-related programming and service delivery. The EOPS Student Services Coordinator also oversees the day-to-day operations of the Textbook Loan Program and supervises EOPS Liaisons and Textbook Loan Program Assistants

Marisol Renovato, Administrative Support Assistant III
The Administrative Support Assistant III is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the front desk. She is the first point of contact for students. The Administrative Support Assistant III reviews and determines eligibility of all applicants. She also provides general information about program qualifications and answers questions related to EOPS and/or MiraCosta College.

Kate Coleman, Student Services Specialist
The Student Services Specialist performs specialized and technical duties in support of CALWORKs, CARE and EOPS services.

Candy Owens, EOPS Counselor
The EOPS Counselor provides academic and transfer counseling to EOPS students.  The EOPS Counselor conducts specialized workshops for all EOPS students.

Larry Burns, EOPS Counselor/CalWORKs Facilitator
The EOPS/CalWORKs Counselor works with EOPS students providing academic and transfer counseling with a special focus on CalWORKs students. He advocates for CalWORKs students on and off campus and develops Individualized Training Plans (ITPs).

Veronica Bloss, EOPS/CARE Counselor/Facilitator
The EOPS/CARE Counselor/Facilitator works with EOPS students with a special focus on CARE students.  She is responsible for recruiting CARE students and developing specialized programming as well as tailored services for new and continuing CARE students. She is also responsible for coordinating the annual Single Parent Conference and managing CARE student compliance.

Jaymie Gonzaga, RAFFY Counselor/Foster Youth Liaison
The RAFFY Counselor/Foster Youth Liaison specializes in assisting RAFFY students (current and former foster youth) with transition to college.

EOPS Liaisons
Under the supervision of the Student Services Coordinator, the EOPS Student Liaisons facilitate program services and provide academic support and mentoring for new and continuing EOPS students. They also assist with outreach efforts on campus and the community