How to Apply & Enroll in Credit Classes

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Fast Facts for Credit Students


Applying creates/activates your student record in the college database. It allows you to enroll in classes and receive a grade (credit) for your classes. Students who do not wish to receive a grade or college credit may choose a noncredit option later, but still must apply and enroll.


After submitting your application, you must obtain your SURF ID.  Students retrieve the ID number and set up a password through the SURF website.

Check the Enrollment Schedule to determine your appointment and date.

Choose your classes and enroll using SURF.

Credit Class Schedule

The credit class schedule is the document listing the classes to be offered in a specific semester. It is printed three times per year - fall, spring, and summer. It is available in three formats: in print, as a PDF file, and as a searchable online database (SURF).

General Information

The enrollment fee for California residents is $46 per unit.  Non residents pay an additional $200 per unit. 

Payment must be made at the time of enrollment into classes.  Students who enroll online must pay with Visa or MasterCard before logging off the system.  Students who pay in person may also use cash or check. 

Financial assistance may be available to help pay for enrollment fees and books.   Check the Financial Aid Office.

Placement testing or successful completion of equivalent courses/prerequisites at other institutions is required to enroll in math or English classes.  For many students completion of the placement tests, orientation and advisement (matriculation) will assign you an earlier priority appointment for enrollment.  For information and alternatives to placement testing (AP tests, etc.) check with the Testing Office.

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