Facilities Rental / Use

Who can use facilities at MiraCosta College?

Community and service organizations, governmental entities, businesses, and both non-profit and for-profit corporations may use certain college facilities when available. In addition, the college does not make facilities available to organizations for the provision of services that MiraCosta itself already offers.

How do I find out if my organization can use MiraCosta facilities?

Requests for facilities applications or for information should be directed to:

Please complete the Application and Agreement Use of College Facilities and email or mail to the appropriate person listed above.

MiraCosta College student organizations should first contact the Student Activities Office.

Are there fees for using the facilities?

Yes, however, registered non-profit organizations conducting free public events may qualify for a waiver of facilities fees. Additional fees may also be charged for use of college equipment, services provided by college personnel, etc. View Fees Schedule.

Is a certificate of insurance required?

For most events, no. However, one is required for all athletic events, for events that anticipate more than 100 attendees, and in other circumstances where deemed necessary by the college. View Insurance Requirements.

What rules and regulations apply when using MiraCosta facilities?

Please see the back of the application form for college rules and regulations. In general, the NO’s are: no smoking, no alcohol, no firearms, no pets, no unsupervised minors. Food and drink are only permitted in a few areas, never in a classroom. If you have any questions about these rules, contact one of the persons listed above.

How does the application process work?

Please submit the following application to one of the contacts listed above: Application and Agreement Use of College Facilities. Applications may be emailed or mailed. We will review your application, check the availability of the facilities requested, and then contact you within 72 hours. If approved, you will receive an Agreement to review and sign. An official invoice will be mailed once all fees are determined and event is confirmed. Fees must be paid at least one week in advance of your event.

How far in advance of my event must I submit my application?

Please submit as much in advance as possible, but at least two weeks in advance for most events, and at least four weeks in advance for events with special needs, athletic events, or events for more than 100 attendees.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Yes, parking fees apply for all Civic Center Events. $1.00 per vehicle per day for the Oceanside and San Elijo Campuses and $.50 cents per vehicle per day for the Community Learning Center. Parking permits are required Monday – Saturday. Sunday events do not require parking permits. Please speak with your coordinator regarding various options on how to pay for charges.