Counseling Services

Outpatient and inpatient counseling services available; all treatment must be pre-authorized by the applicable plan listed below. Health plan enrollment and dependent eligibility guidelines apply.

Kaiser Members:

Kaiser Behavioral Health Benefit (PDF)
Counseling Services: (877) 496-0450

PPO (Consortium Health Plan) Members:

Effective July 1, 2012, additional coverage for pervasive developmental disorders or autism - read more.
Optum Health Benefit Summary (PDF)
Counseling services provided by: OptumHealth
OptumHealth Providers: (800) 999-9585

Employee Assistance Plan

Employees and dependents are eligible to receive confidential services to help with a variety of personal challenges.  Services are available over the phone and by appointment with a counselor.

EASE Employee Assistance Program: (800) 722-3273

This summary of benefits is informational only and is not a complete description of all applicable conditions. Coverage and plan offerings are subject to change in subsequent years pursuant to District policy.