Dental Plans

Employees must elect dental coverage; dependent coverage is optional.  Eligible dependents are: spouse, domestic partner and children to age 26.

Delta Dental Plan

Delta Dental PPO members can choose from PPO, Premier or non-member dentists. Greatest potential for cost savings with selection of PPO dentist. See more: Moving from Delta Dental Premier to Delta Dental PPO

Delta Dental PPO Plan Summary (PDF)
Group ID: 7128-2501
(866) 499-3001
Directory of Delta Dentists, Print a Personalized ID Card & Other Services:

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80-90-100% (increasing 10% every year you receive services)
$2,000 annual maximum per person per year
$1,000 accident benefit
Two cleanings per person per year
Orthodontic coverage available, 50% benefit, up to $2,000 lifetime max benefit per covered member
Can choose any dentist

DeltaCare Plan

DeltaCare Plan Summary (PDF)
Group ID: 71691-0045
(800) 422-4234
Directory of DeltaCare Dentists & Other Services:  

No co-pays for office visits and no annual maximum
Other out-of-pocket expenses may apply depending on services
Orthodontic coverage available; costs vary depending on services used
Must use a DeltaCare dentist.

This summary of benefits is informational only and is not a complete description of all applicable conditions. Coverage and plan offerings are subject to change in subsequent years pursuant to District policy.