Benefits for Part-time Employees

Associate Faculty Members

In accordance with Article 13.2 of the Academic Associate Faculty collective bargaining agreement, Unit members shall become eligible to participate in the District's health insurance plan upon completion of two semesters of 40% FTE (6 LHE) or more service within the preceding two academic years.

Unit members shall be ineligible for continued participation in the Plan if their assignment with the District drops below 6.00 LHE in two consecutive semesters (excludes summer break). 

Eligibility will be determined each semester during the open enrollment periods held in August (Fall semester) and January (Spring semester).  Those eligible will be notified by mail.

Unit members who meet the service eligibility requirements, who do not have employer-paid medical benefits through other employment or as a dependent spouse/domestic partner, are eligible for partially District paid employee-only Kaiser HMO health insurance.

Kaiser HMO Plan

Kaiser Membership Services: (800) 464-4000
Group ID: 116461-0001

$10 Office co-pay
$10 Prescription co-pay
Mail Order Prescriptions:

Kaiser HMO Plan Summary (PDF)

Detailed Summary of Coverage (PDF)

List of locations and other benefits:

Kaiser Counseling Services (PDF) - (877) 496-0450

Kaiser Chiropractic Benefit Summary (PDF) - Chiropractic services provided by: American Specialty Health (ASH)
ASH Provider Directory: or (800) 678-9133

Kaiser Evidence of Coverage (PDF)

Part-time Classified Employees

Employees working 30 or more hours per week in short-term temporary assignments may be eligible to participate in the District's Kaiser HMO deductible plan. An offer of enrollment will be made within 60 days of employment for newly hired employees. Open enrollment will be held in November each year. Newly eligible employees who meet the eligibility criteria may enroll as of the start of the new benefit year (January 1).

Kaiser HMO Deductible Plan

Plan Summary

Detailed Explanation of Coverage

Kaiser Evidence of Coverage

Dental Insurance for Part-time Employees

The San Diego County Schools' Fringe Benefits Consortium offers dental insurance for part-time employees:

Summary of Dental Coverage . Call (858) 569-5361 to request additional information.