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Extensions beginning with 66, 67, 68 or 87 may be dialed direct using the prefix 795. Extensions beginning with 78 may be dialed direct using the prefix 634. All other extensions can only be reached by dialing 760.757.2121 and then entering the extension number at the prompt.

Note: Associate faculty are listed below the full-time faculty.


Acero, Manuel Noncredit Student/Faculty Support Assistant871222CLCIS
Aceves, Luis Custodian623204200BAS
Acosta-Sanchez, Graciela Financial Aid Technician64783A3024SS
Adams, Diane Gallery Director66575A3400IS
Adler, Debby Administrative Secretary62138C4605IS
Afzali, Abdy Instructional Computing Coordinator673111A1261IS
Agnos, Kathy Library Tech II Public Svc6316111280IS
Aguilar, Cesar Custodian623204200BAS
Ali, Shafin Faculty-Economics646723111IS
Allison, Megan Faculty-Horticulture6838197058IS
Alvarez, Francisco Faculty-Spanish62848C4702IS
Alves, Tim Administrative Secretary787617ASANIS
Ammerman, Billy Maintenance Mechanic III631904200BAS
Anderson, Bryon Instructional Associate-Theatre66285A2000IS
Ansari, Amber Instructional Aide-AIS665511A1200IS
Antonetti, Wendy Office Manager SBDC873922ASBDCIS
Apalatea, Janeen Faculty-Math773117ASAN103IS
Aparicio, Miguel Custodian623204200BAS
Arant, Ariana Secretary-Honors Scholar Program687812A3448IS
Arceo, Rosa Faculty-Spanish62528COC4703IS
Archer, Rob Faculty-Letters622813615IS
Arenivar, Sam Faculty-Communication772717ASAN604IS
Arevalo, Luciano Lead Custodian771817ASAN700BAS
Armstrong, Bradley Instructional Aide-Auto Technology63728C4001IS
Armstrong, Myeshia Director, Fiscal Services683261006BAS
Arzu, Cecil Custodian121504200BAS
Asato, Susan Director, Purchasing/Material Management679720T600BAS
Askerneese, Adrean Counselor647210C3702SS
Avery, Peter Faculty-Math774617ASAN602IS
Babbitt, Lori Admin Secretary68448A4700IS
Bailey, Suzie Faculty-Biological Sci65628C4520IS
Balcazar, Yesenia Interim Director, EOPS66813B3018SS
Baniqued, Leo Custodian771817A4200BAS
Barber, Jordan Instructional Aide-Computer Lab652911AOpen Lab-1200IS
Barden, Rita Faculty-Nurs & Allied Health644727T423IS
Barragan, Aimee Admin Secty-Nursing & Allied Health679627T420IS
Bataller, Luz Instructional Aide-ESL971022CLCIS
Batista-Edwards, Lillian Faculty-Surgical Tech6435277056IS
Baughman, Gail Faculty-Biotechnology776617ASAN403IS
Baum, Karen Faculty-Sociology655123116IS
Beaudry, Allison Instructional Aide-Art68165A IS
Beckman, James Campus Police Officer789817ASANSS
Beltran-Aguilar, Angela Faculty-Math654013621IS
Bemiss, Marilyn A&R Assistant628610A3300SS
Benard, Mary VP, Instructional Services68058A4700IS
Benefield, John Financial Aid Technician63143A3000SS
Benschop, Joanne Articulation Officer68818A4700IS
Berg, Linda ECE Office Specialist6656168000IS
Betbadal, Melani Instructional Aide-Computer Lab652911AOpen Lab 1200IS
Bishop, Eric Faculty-Theatre & Film64495A2009IS
Blahnik, Brandi Writing Center Specialist633991200IS
Blunt, Travis Community Service Officer1379231100SS
Boehm, Chris Instructional Associate-Design Drafting Tech65238C4533IS
Bolanos, Theresa Faculty-Chemistry772217ASAN405IS
Bollerud, Julie Admin Assistant, VP Student Services689512A3447SS
Bond, Robert Faculty-History771417ASAN510IS
Bonds, David Faculty-Math64971T315IS
Borger, Kurt Material Management Specialist6666206100BAS
Braegger, Pat Nursing Associate, Health Services774717BSAN800SS
Broom, Cheryl Director of Public & Governmental Relations661271055PRES
Brown, Anthony Instructional Assistant-Physical Science65208C4508IS
Brown, Cheryl SBDC Business Consultant879022ASBDCIS
Brown, Erika Noncredit Student/Faculty Support Assistant871322CLCIS
Brown, Karen Network Specialist673311A1265AIS
Brown, Kathy Instructional Associate-Music64465B2200IS
Burciaga, Daniel Custodian623204200BAS
Burman, Tony Faculty-English773717ASAN608IS
Burns, Larry Counselor-EOPS65053B3000SS
Byrd, Krista Faculty-Psychology779017ASAN513IS
Byrd, Willie Media Services Specialist781917ASAN109IS
Byrom, Bradley Faculty-History634723109IS
Capilla Murrillo, Ferny ECE Instructional Specialist6656168000IS
Cargile, Lori Comm Services Special Projects Coord682541042IS
Carruthers, Matt Instructional Assistant-Music Audio Technology62835B2223IS
Carstensen, Eric Faculty-Business6556214811IS
Cassetti, Sara Library Tech, Public Svcs787717CSAN102IS
Chaaban, Sammy Instructional Aide-Computer Lab652911AOpen Lab-1200IS
Chapeton-Lamas, Nery Faculty-Computer Studies69068C4621IS
Clarke, Elizabeth Noncredit ESL Instructor870222CLCIS
Clarke, Paul Faculty-Drafting 64058C4536IS
Cleveland, Karl Faculty-Media Arts & Technologies6365214623IS
Cluff, Leah Faculty-Art69345A2111IS
Cohick, Karin Faculty-Nursing/Allied Health658827T421IS
Cole, Jonathan Faculty-Physics63908C4507IS
Coleman, Kate Secretary/Clerk-CalWORKs69333B3018SS
Comstock, Sandy Associate Dean, Allied Health Occupations665127T420IS
Conahan, Pat Head Coach, Men's Basketball624215T-410IS
Conley, DeWayne Mail Carrier654320T-600BAS
Connolly, Patrick Faculty-Admin of Justice655423115IS
Coobatis, Christy Faculty-Music67035B2220IS
Cord, Julie AHSDP Instructor-Social Science872622CLCIS
Cordova, Sandra Instructional Aide-ESL971022CLCIS
Cotter, Alison Secty/Clerk-Financial Aid65913A3000SS
Coutts, Kimberly Director of Institutional Research684571057Pres
Cunningham, Keith Faculty-Biology64018C4519IS
Dalby, Evelyn Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/President661071045PRES
Danielewicz, Diane Scholarship Specialist67513A3011SS
Davis, Daria Admin Secretary-Career/Technical Education6811214820IS
Davis, Donna Director, Career Center6576133700IS
Davis, Niall Faculty-Surgical Technology6331274410IS
Dean, Ruth Cashier II6746263202BAS
Dear, Michael Director of Financial Aid67133A3031SS
Deaton, Michael Counselor629310C3300SS
Deerman, Josh Payroll Technician6782141004BAS
Degirolamo, Angela Secretarty-Oceanside Student Activities689012A3400SS
Deineh, Steven Instruction Librarian6721111207IS
Deorlow, Ana Instructional Associate-Chemistry65368C4508IS
DeRoche, Jane Faculty-Chariot Advisor625312A3400IS
Deschamps, Michael Faculty-Accounting6488214814IS
Detwiler, David Faculty-Spanish775817ASAN510IS
Diaz, Enrique Custodial Utility Worker771817ASANBAS
Diaz, Nancy EOPS Counselor63353B3020SS
Diersing, Jane Transfer Center Specialist688010C3700SS
Dikau, Irene Payroll Technician6783141004BAS
Doig, Lesley Faculty-History624024621IS
Dominguez, Lucy Facilities Assistant687504200BAS
Donahue, Katie ECE Program Specialist6689168000IS
Donze, Erich Systems Administrator672711A1267IS
Dua, Arti Noncredit Counselor878022CLCSS
Dudley, Cynthia Technical Writer68538A4705IS
Dunbar, Keith Faculty-Math641813623IS
Duncan, Yvette Faculty-Nursing/Allied Health644027T423IS
Ehrlinger, Claire Faculty-Horticulture6704197057IS
Enriquez, Anthony Custodian896104200BAS
Erichsen, Robert Access Specialist66843BT305ASS
Esbensen, Pia Biology Instructional Assistant65248C4521IS
Eso, Steve Faculty-Psychology650323121IS
Espinoza, Ray Custodian636204200BAS
Essman, Julie Student Employment Specialist6493133715IS
Essman, Marti Faculty-Nursing/Allied Health676427T422IS
Estrella, Roland Faculty-Nursing/Allied Health6510254405IS
Falker, Matt Faculty-Music66795B2206IS
Fallstrom, Scott Faculty Director-Math Learning Center650113616IS
Farnam, Michelle DSPS Counselor63483B3009SS
Farris, Teri Secretary-Testing Services668510B3300SS
Fast, Lisa Faculty-Psychology651523614IS
Felt, Beverly Campus Police Communications6641231100SS
Ferris, Diana Instructional Div Secretary68088B4606IS
Ferris, Jo Director, Cashiering Services6702263202BAS
Figueroa-Chacon, Maria Faculty-English62381T311IS
Fino, Michael Faculty-Biotechnology64998C4057IS
Fishinger, Tori Foundation Secretary677771051PRES
Fitzwater, Brian Network Specialist678611A1266AIS
Flocken, Lise Faculty-Dir Transfer Center658010C3700SS
Fogerson, Linda Exec Dir Foundation/Fund Dev677571047PRES
Fohrman, Jonathan Dean, Arts & International Languages68188A4700IS
Fonseca, Lucy Financial Aid Technician63273A3025SS
Fore, Trudy Class Schedule/Info Specialist68108A4705IS
Fortune, John Accounting Specialist665461006BAS
Foster, Judy Nursing Associate Health Services675210B3300SS
Franco, Luz Noncredit Stu/Fac Support Assist871122CLCIS
French, Rica Faculty-Astronomy65068C4512IS
Fulbright, Robert Faculty-Kinesiology6423214811IS
Fullwood, Wendell Irrigation Specialist801204200BAS
Fuzell, Jon Instructional Aide-Tutoring872422CLCIS
Gaitan, Sharon Community Services Aide669841036IS
Gallant, Eric HVAC Mechanic627404200BAS
Gallucci, Lenore Institutional Effectiveness Specialist625971062PRES
Garcia, Ralph Campus Police Sergeant6686231100SS
Gay, Ruth Noncredit ESL Instructor873422CLCIS
Gibson, Arlene Instructional Technology Specialist781017ASAN100IS
Gibson, Tracy Facilities Supervisor673404200BAS
Ginger, Anthony Network Specialist674211A1262IS
Gomez, Jonathan Coord, School Relations/Diversity Outreach689412A3400SS
Gomez-Zinn, Hilda Counselor754717BSAN804SS
Gonzales, Jim Coord, Student Activities689912A3437SS
Gonzales, Joanne Administrative Assistant68148A4715IS
Gonzales, Mary Noncredit ESL Instructional Aide971022CLCIS
Gonzales, Stephen A&R Assistant/Evaluator620910A3300SS
Good, Gilbert Vehicle/Equip Mechanic669404200BAS
Goueth, Pierre Faculty-Chemistry65608C4502IS
Gracey, Shannon Faculty-Mathematics630613622IS
Grayson, Shelley Financial Aid Assistant63233A3000SS
Green, Mike Student Services Specialist/Work Skills Navigator682041036IS
Gross, Mary Faculty-Credit ESL658614608IS
Guerrero, Anthony Custodial Utility Worker771817ASAN700BAS
Guerrero, Zarela Noncredit ESL Instructional Aide872022CLCIS
Guinon, Teresa Faculty-English65211T314IS
Gunn, Billy Faculty-Film64025AOC4057IS
Ha, Thao Faculty-Sociology771317ASAN513IS
Haar, Linda Interim Child Development Center Director6862168000IS
Hackett, Joan Wellness Center Coordinator6223154100IS
Hagen, Kelly Faculty-English778417ASAN301IS
Halmay, Catherine Secretary-Health Services667510B3300SS
Hanada-Rogers, Trisha Faculty-Dance6526155105IS
Hansen, Gina Accounting Specialist645861005BAS
Harasin, Linda SBDC Business Consultant874122ASBDCIS
Hardaway, Donjay Athletic Equipment Attendant6425155207SS
Harland, Julie Faculty-Math638717A3622IS
Harrell, Chris Instructional Associate -Biological Sciences68198C4521IS
Harris, Janette Financial Aid Technician63253A3000SS
Hartzell, Jay Library Technician6962111200IS
Harvey, Susan Assistant Bookstore Manager663212B3400BAS
Hata, Christina Faculty-Business6399214810IS
Haugsness-White, Julie Faculty-Biology64618C4520IS
Hayashi, Yoshimi Faculty-Art64445A2111IS
Haynie, Melanie Administrative Secretary664814600IS
Hernandez, April Instructional Assistant-Art778317A206IS
Hernandez, Griselda Noncredit Stu/Fac Support Assist872022CLCIS
Hernandez, Griselda Noncredit Stu/Fac Support Assist872022CLCIS
Hernandez, Justino A&R Assistant628910A3300SS
Hernandez, Larry Instructional Associate-Physical Sci63298C4527IS
Hernandez, Pilar Faculty-Spanish64318C4704IS
Hernandez, Vicente Gardener/Groundskeeper636204200BAS
Herrmann, Susan Faculty-English621813618IS
Hetherington, Deborah Community Services Assistant682841042IS
Hicks, Ryan Instructional Aide-AIS776017CSAN106IS
Horton, Wendy Counselor651710C3706SS
Hoskins, Bruce Faculty-Sociology630523121IS
Hu, Yi-Cheng ECE Instructional Specialist6656/6884168000IS
Hughes, Jerry Custodian805804200BAS
Hughes, Melissa Counselor695610C3701SS
Hull, Stacey Faculty-Biology63918C4608IS
Ihara, Jeff Faculty-Biology65258C4519IS
Ingham, Stacy A&R Specialist662110A3329SS
Irby, Matt Bookstore Manager663312B3400BAS
Isachsen, Steve Faculty-Computer Studies6392214812IS
Jackson, Treva Veterans Technician628810A3300SS
Jacobs, Alyssa Athletic Trainer6427155106SS
Jara, Jose Faculty-English621713619IS
Javier, Rizzhel Instructional Associate -Art64955A2112IS
Jensen, Christine Community Services Assistant682241036IS
Jessup, Denise Instructional Aide-English66583B3006IS
Johnson, Jerry Building Maintenance Mechanic655304200BAS
Johnson, John Custodian771817ASANBAS
Johnson, Julie Gear Up Grant Program Director680310C3700SS
Joiner, Glenn Facility Maintenance Tech874422CLCBAS
Jones, Jeff Gardener Groundskeeper137404200BAS
Jones, Peggy Faculty-Art65965A2274IS
Jones, Theo Custodian805604200BAS
Julius, Jim Faculty-Director Online Education674511A1254IS
Kamps, Leslie Instructional Div Secretary68165A2010IS
Karvounis, Alex PIO Graphic Artist678471058PRES
Kasner, Gregg Utility Worker771817ASANBAS
Katson, Paul Faculty-Automotive Technology63568C4018IS
Keehn, Jeffery Faculty-English622713614IS
Kelley, Robert Faculty-Psychology626223110IS
Kelly, Myla Stokes Librarian783617CSAN100IS
Kenefick, Mark Food Services Manager688612A3400BAS
Kessab, Becky Instructional Div Secretary787917ASAN800IS
Kidwell, Justin Instructional Associate-Theatre64505A2022IS
Kilrain, Robin Library Technician6594111200IS
Kirwan, John Faculty-English641613618IS
Knott, Bryon Custodian623204017BAS
Korstad, Karen Faculty Technology Specialist678711A1255IS
Kubrock, Jason Instructional Associate-Horticulture648219T-700IS
Kulkarni, Himgauri Faculty-Biology63438C4518IS
Kurokawa, Linda Director, Community Services682441040IS
Lai, Thanh Fixed Assets & Admin Svs Spec679020T-600BAS
Lambert, Debi Client Support Specialist870522CLCIS
Lambert, Luke Faculty-Reading65651T316IS
Lane, Lisa Faculty-History770617ASAN605IS
Langager, Arlie Faculty-Music65275B2220IS
Lara, Luke Counselor656310C3700SS
LaRosa, Elizabeth Student Services Coordinator-Veterans696710B3300SS
Latone, Philip Sr Programmer/Analyst673011A1211IS
Laughlin, Kathie Faculty-Cisco Networking873722CLCIS
Laurel, Mark Faculty-Math624913620IS
Layton, Andrew Faculty-Theatre & Film69355A2000IS
LeBlanc, Pamela Testing Services Specialist647110B3300SS
Ledet, Dana Instructional Div Secretary687123125IS
Lee, Margie Counselor656410C3720SS
Lee, Nancy Faculty-Chemistry640314512IS
Lelja, Betsy Foundation Secretary677771051PRES
Leon, Jesse Instructional Aide-AIS665511A1200IS
Level, Lisa Systems & Procedures Analyst675010A3310SS
Lewis, Kathy HR Technician6856141019BAS
Lisherness, Charlie Instructional Aide-AIS776017C IS
Lively, Mimi Public Grants Technician65788C4600PRES
Livingood, Cathy Noncredit Stu/Fac Support Assist872322CLCIS
Lloyd-Jones, Melissa Faculty-ESL65221T314IS
Lopez, Carlos Dean, Math & Sciences680914600IS
Lopez, Carlos J. Custodian687504200BAS
Lopez, Kandace Program Aide-Testing775217ASAN101SS
Lopez, Maria ECE Instructional Specialist6689168000IS
Lopez Camarillo, Alejandra Instructional Aide-Computer Lab652911AOpen Lab 1200IS
Lopez-Aguilar, Maria Noncredit Support Supervisor872222CLCIS
Lovejoy, Nina Career Center Coordinator6575133700IS
Luca, Trish Secretary-Counseling630810C3700SS
Luengo, Isabel Faculty-Philosophy774517ASAN511IS
Ma, Richard Instruction/Outreach Librarian6851111205IS
Machuca, Adriana Noncredit ESL Instructional Aide971022CLCIS
Macias, Tom Director, Facilities669104200BAS
Magyar, Rose Help Desk Specialist685811A1272IS
Mahan, Rebecca Campus Police Officer6519231100SS
Mahony, Moira Information Technology Analyst66536 BAS
Malone, Jill Faculty-Digital Imaging778017ASAN602IS
Manning, Sheila Student Accounts/A&R Assist776217BSAN SS
Maroney, Dixie A&R Supervisor787217BSAN900SS
Martin, Aaron Gardener/Groundskeeper801304200BAS
Martinez, Guillermo Refuse Abatement Worker687504200BAS
Martinez, Silvia NoncreditInstructional Aide874722CLCIS
Massey, Dave Faculty-Dance6302155105IS
Mazza, Joe Director, Risk Management6866141004ABAS
McCarley, Valerie Veterans Assistant628510A3300SS
McClure, Leola Faculty-Communication Studies655823112IS
McCorkle, Kent Faculty-Chemistry64178CT415IS
McField, David Faculty-Behavioral Science64702T415IS
McKinley, James Technical Specialist-Music64545B2223IS
McMillen, Laurel Purchasing Assistant679220T-600BAS
Medina, Charlie Noncredit ESL Instructional Aide971022CLCIS
Meinhold, Gail Faculty-Kinesiology/Health656621T411IS
Mejares, Emilio Programmer Analyst672611A1210IS
Meldahl, Keith Faculty-Geology/Oceanography641217ASAN512IS
Menuck, Lisa Coordinator, Testing Services630110B3003SS
Metzler, Chris Faculty-Geology/Oceanography773817ASAN403IS
Miko, Stephanie Library Technical Assistant6313111280IS
Miller, Lynne Faculty-Anthropology66362T312IS
Mitchell, Curry Faculty-Letters62211T311IS
Molina, Joe SBDC Business Consultant874322ASBDCIS
Montague, David HVAC Mechanic636104200BAS
Montes, Lisa Student Services Specialist639612A3436IS
Moon, Louisa Faculty-Philosophy624123206IS
Moore, Joan Faculty-Nursing6678274405IS
Morgan, Rebecca Veterans Counselor67743B3035SS
Mota, Jose Interim Student Services Coord - EOPS63403B3024SS
Moura, Neil Faculty-Communication Studies638923124IS
Muryasz, Sandy HR Technician6860141019BAS
Mushinsky, Jane Faculty-English779217ASAN504IS
Nakamura, Lemee Faculty-Math621913621IS
Neal, Sayaka Secretary-International Perspectives689712A3441SS
Nemour, Leslie Faculty-Art64415A2268IS
Neri, Gilbert Faculty-Art 62375A2206IS
Newman, Brett Instructional Associate-Automotive Technology63538C4000IS
Newman, Jaice Health Services Assistant667510B3300IS
Ng, Charlie VP, Business & Administrative Services683061000BAS
Nguyen, Nghia Accountant646461027BAS
Nielsen, Brian Noncredit Stu/Fac Support Assist871422CLCIS
Noddings, Victoria Faculty-Math772817ASAN504IS
Nolte, Lorie PIO Secretary661371056PRES
Nolte, Michael Media Services Tech Specialist640811A1204IS
Norcross, Robert Chief of Police & Campus Safety6642231100SS
Nou, Sokhea Financial Aid Technician65313A3130SS
Nydegger, Abrey Secretary-DSPS66583B3000SS
O'Cain, Anna Faculty-Art62685A2274IS
Omitt, Denise Instructional Associate-Nursing6269274403IS
Ongyod, Anthony Faculty-Communication Studies65592T411IS
Ordaz, Giselle Library Clerk785017CSAN100IS
Osborne, Linda Accounting Specialist-Budget645661014BAS
Otis, Sue Noncredit ESL Instructional Aide971022CLCIS
Owens, Candy EOPS Counselor65443B3000SS
Pacheco, Bob Dean of Institutional Planning, Research & Grants684671063PRES
Paciorek, Laura ECE Instructional Specialist6656/6884168000IS
Palmer, Bea Service Learning Coordinator661610B3306SS
Paopao, Amy Retention Services Secretary634491226SS
Paris, Jennifer Electronic Resources Librarian781417CSAN110BIS
Parker, David Faculty-Architecture65578C4536IS
Parks, Martin Faculty-Computer Studies781217ASAN301AIS
Partlow, Gwen Instructional Technical Support Specialist68138A4700IS
Peña, Maria DSPS Stu Services Coord62973B3010SS
Pennant-Jones, Tiffany Library Technician I6785111277IS
Perales, Dara Faculty-English642813617IS
Peregrino, Ramiro Client Support Specialist674311A1268IS
Perez, Benny Campus Police Sergeant6643231100SS
Permetti, John Material Management Specialist6767203400BAS
Perovic, Zika Faculty-Math625613620IS
Perry, Pamela Instruction Librarian6719111206IS
Peters, Erika Faculty-Physics774017ASAN604IS
Petri, Andrea Faculty-Italian65418C4703IS
Phillips, John Faculty-Political Science631723123IS
Pickering, Ralph Grounds Supervisor669604200BAS
Pickett, Brent Faculty-Math649013623IS
Plante, Denise Counselor, Noncredit Programs870922CLCIS
Pohlert, Edward Director, Retention Services634591222IS & SS
Porto, June Faculty-Computer Studies6555214813IS
Powell, Beth Faculty-Mathematics639891214IS
Prasad, Asha Accountant683361013BAS
Pratola, Don Financial Aid Technician69373A3000SS
Pratson, Kayla Secretary Clerk-Honors Scholar Program687812A3400IS
Presley, Trevor Gardener/Groundskeeper891904200BAS
Prieto, Irma Noncredit ESL Instructional Aide971022CLCIS
Quebedeaux, Ann Instructional Div Secretary787917ASAN800IS
Rafferty, Dan Accounting Supervisor683161017BAS
Rajah, Mohammed Faculty-Math640613616IS
Ramirez, Freddy Interim Dean, Counseling & Student Development689210C3704SS
Ramos, Dean Faculty-Art64435A2268IS
Reeve, Monique Instructional Div Secretary684121T420IS
Renovato, Marisol Secretary/Clerk EOPS69453B3000SS
Reyes, Kristi Faculty-Noncredit ESL874522CLCIS
Reyzer, Marge Coordinator, Health Services 667610B3300SS
Ricardez, Vivi A&R Assistant/Evaluator778817BSAN900SS
Rice Carroll, Cynthia Development Officer665271050PRES
Richards, Richard Irrigation Specialist672404200BAS
Richards, Tony Instructional Associate-Art64455A2100IS
Ringer, Jill Instructional Assistant-AIS684911AOpen Lab 1200IS
Roberts, Chris Campus Police Officer6294231100SS
Roberts, Susan Faculty-Nursing6567274813IS
Robertson, Dick Interim Superintendent/President661071000SS
Robertson, Donald Faculty-Chemistry64118C4502IS
Robertson, Eric Faculty-Communication774117ASAN608IS
Robinson, Max Bldg Maintenance Mechanic669304200BAS
Rocker, Bryan Telephone Network Specialist676611A1257IS
Roderick, Aubrey Kuan IIP Student Services Coordinator637712A3400SS
Rodriguez, Christina Printing & Copy Services Specialist6765/6744183400BAS
Rodriguez, Kathy A&R Evaluator662210A3300SS
Roofener, Natalie Instructional Aide-Computer Lab776017CSAN106IS
Rosen, Robbi Career Counselor6210133700IS
Royal, Robert Senior Programmer/Analyst672811A1209IS
Rubio, John Gardener Groundskeeper687504200BAS
Ruvalcaba, Zak Web Developer666811A1271IS
Safaralian, Leila Faculty-Math630413617IS
Sandoval, Ana Noncredit ESL Instructional Aide971022CLCIS
Sandoval, Soraya Learning Disabilities Specialist62713B3000SS
Santos, David Campus Police Officer6639231100SS
Scavone, Mia Coordinator IIP689612A3443SS
Schaefer, Nancy Learning Disability Specialist63113B3008SS
Schaper, Nikki Dean, Behavioral Sciences, History & Community Education870122CLCIS
Schlueter, Jed Transfer Counselor630910C3708SS
Schneider, Lori Administrative Secretary-AIS663711A1260IS
Schultz, Alison ECE Instructional Specialist6656168000IS
Schultz, Steve Technical Services Coordinator673711A1263IS
Senigaglia, Angela Noncredit English Instructor872122CLCIS
Sepulveda, Jeanine Faculty-Biology65028C4609IS
Severance, Tom Faculty-Business6388214810IS
Sexton, Dori Cashier6534263202BAS
Shaunak, Sudershan Director, SBDC873522ASBDCIS
Sheldahl, Donna Box Office Cashier68155A2000IS
Shirley, Gail Admin Assist-VP Bus/Admin Svs682961008BAS
Siegel, Daniel Faculty-Music64345B2215IS
Simonds, Carol Payroll Supervisor6781141004BBAS
Simonds, Kim Assistant Buyer675520T600BAS
Simpson, Sue Faculty-Nursing657227T422IS
Sipman, Glorian Technical Services Librarian6722111278IS
Skemp, Penny Faculty-Child Development685923114IS
Sleeper, Christopher Faculty-History651423113IS
Smith, Dana Dean, Letters & Communication Studies785417ASANIS
Smith, Dean Community Service Officer6640231100SS
Smith, Karen Faculty-Hospitality640427T412IS
Sneary, Carolyn HR Benefits Coordinator6855141019BAS
Snowden, Charles Instructional Assistant-Art64325A2106IS
Soto, Diana A&R Assistant-Transcripts662510A3300SS
Sourivanh, Shawana Secretary/Clerk6854141000BAS
Soza, Rita Faculty-Business694921T412IS
Sparks, Jane Interim Associate Dean of Student Services-SAN780617BSANSS
Stedman, Kristi Community Services Assistant682341036IS
Steffy, Fred Instructional Technology Specialist673611A1270IS
Stephenson, Denise Writing Center Director666791228IS
Stern, Herschel Faculty-Geography624723122IS
Stevens, Phillip Community Services Officer6318231100SS
Stewart, Wendy Interim VP of Student Services689812A3446SS
Stovall, Jan A&R Secretary662710A3300SS
Stramaglia, Mark PeopleSoft Programmer/Analyst672511A1208IS
Striebel, Kathy Faculty-Computer Studies6385214812IS
Stroika, Peggy Buyer679320T-600BAS
Stuckmann, Lenora Textbook Manager663112B3400BAS
Sullivan, Jim Faculty-English63031T318IS
Swanson, Jeanne Executive Assistant to the President684071044PRES
Taccone, Al Dean, Career & Technical Ed6807214819IS
Tam, Vicky Instructional Associate-Nursing6384274403IS
Templin, Lois GEAR UP Grant-Accounting & Research Specialist657010C3713SS
Terry, Alicia Registrar662310A3300SS
Thiele, Kathy Instructional Div Secretary687413600IS
Thomford, John Faculty-Biology64108C4518IS
Tirona, Sinclaire Library Clerk785017CSAN100IS
Tirona, Taylor Secretary, Counseling & Athletics627510C3700SS
Tobin, Jani Accounting Specialist683461028BAS
Torok, Steve Faculty-Music64385B2215IS
Torres, Maria Noncredit ESL Instructional Aide871722CLCIS
Towers, John Faculty-Math773917ASAN405IS
Tremblay, Jim Community Service Officer6507231100SS
Tsuyuki, Chad Faculty-English622913619IS
Turbeville, John Faculty-Geology/Oceanography64138C4609IS
Turner, Bob Faculty-English64151T305BIS
Turner, Michael Maintenance Mechanic II655004200BAS
Turner, Tanisha Instructional Associate-Surgical Tech6476274410IS
Uhlik, Jeff Faculty-IMT6394214623IS
Umbas, Robert Custodian623204200BAS
Unger, Chris Campus Police Officer611923CLCIS
Urbach, Michael Instructional Associate -Biotech Lab787417ASANIS
Vail, Steve Faculty-Automotove Technology63548C4018IS
Valdovinos, Elia Secretary/Clerk HR6854141019BAS
Valente, Mario Dean, AIS672011A1260IS
Van Pelt, Kathy Instructional Assist-CIS896817ASANIS
Vidal, Lilia Faculty-Spanish65398C3126IS
Vignato, Julie Faculty-Nursing621427T421IS
Vilaboy, Itza Financial Aid Assistant69043A3000SS
Villegas, Rosa Noncredit ESL Instructional Aide971022CLCIS
Viveros, Eva Attendance Accounting Specialist662410A3300SS
Waite, Gabe Coord Communications Design661471057PRES
Walcott, Philip Veterans Assistant628510A3300SS
Walker, Susan College Operator600171000 LobbyPRES
Waller, Roger Custodial Supervisor65740T305DBAS
Warren, Krista Noncredit Faculty Coordinator 872722CLCIS
Washabaugh, Janine Retention Services Specialist774817CSAN105IS
Watson, Pat Community Services Assistant682141036IS
Welsh, Carrie Secretary/Clerk-Community Services682041036IS
Wezniak, Steve AHSDP Math Instructor/Coord871522CLCIS
White, Lonnie Instructional Technology Specialist674011A1273IS
Whitney, Mark Director, Child Development Center6662168103IS
Wilbur, Connie Director, DSPS63003B3012SS
Wilder Stern, Camille Library Technician I6310111200IS
Wilkinson, Carol Associate Dean, Student Services SAN661810B3306SS
Williams, Arnoldo Faculty-Automotive Technology63128C4018IS
Williams, Tracy Faculty-Theatre & Film64485A2010IS
Williamson, Donald Instructional Technology Specialist AIS673511A1268IS
Willis, Heidi Systems & Procedures Analyst68278A4700IS
Wish, Kristi Transfer Center Counselor654510C3709SS
Wojcik, Alketa Dean, Admissions & Student Support689310B3003IS
Woods, Carolyn Programmer/Analyst672911A1212IS
Woodson, Alicia Noncredit ESL Instructional Aide871522CLCIS
Woolley, Chad Web Developer684811AHUB 1269AIS
Woolley, Erin A&R Assistant628710A3300SS
Wright, Sheri Director, Human Resources 6865141018BAS
Yanez, Cesar Gardner/Groundskeeper137104200BAS
Yeager, Mark Faculty-Chemistry64078C3206IS


Abbas, Rima Chemistry
Abbas, Sam Chemistry
Abrous, Leila Chemistry
Accomando, John Italian
Adams, Diane Art6657
Adkins, Jason Art
Afzali, Abdy CSIT6731
Agatha, Rachelle Accounting1381
Aguilar, Eduardo History
Aguirre, Leticia Counseling
Ahsan, Mitra Math
Ahsan, Mitra Mathematics
Ahsan, Mitra Math
Alessi, Anna English
Almendariz, Aubri Noncredit ESL
Alpert, Dave Drafting
Amador, Linda Sociology
Andersen, Andre CSIT
Anderson, April English
Anderson, Jennifer Art
Anderson, Shane Art
Anderson, Terez Communication Studies1233
Andre, Allen Nursing
Aparicio, Veronica Counseling
Arevalos, Arturo History
Arguello, Michael History
Arnaud, Daniele French1243
Arnold, Siobhan Art
Assaderaghi, Farhad Chemistry
Ayzengart, Katherine Nursing
Ayzengart, Katherine Nursing
Baca, Margarita Spanish
Bader, Elissa Counseling6778
Baker, Troy Kinesiology
Balahadia, Joan Nursing
Bale, Veronica History
Baradat, Leon Political Science  see syllabus
Barbera, Amithy Health
Barnett, Jeffery Computer Science
Barragan, Miguel Athletics
Bartolotti, Maria Library6716
Basile, Tammy Nutrition
Bates, Lisa Dance
Bateson, Avra Noncredit ESL
Behling, Erin Art
Beladi, Soheila Chemistry
Belt, Adam Art1335
Berger, Lisa Drama
Biggs, Gunnar Music
Bisceglia, Brett English
Blackmon, Lyle Hospitality
Blacksher, Anthony Sociology
Blamey, Tom Mathematics
Bland, Sarita Career6772
Boehm, Chris Design Drafting6523
Bolaski, Amy English
Boldt, Dianne Health
Boss, Bob Music
Bouton-Sander, Fabienne Biology
Breckon, Jerry Political Science
Brian Harris SociologyNone
Brovold, Amanda Philosophy
Brown, E. Denise Library7864
Brown, Jodie English
Brown, Karen Lynn Nursing
Brown, Valerie (Esters) Nursing
Brownell, Douglas Physics
Bruington, Neil MAT
Bryant, Gabriela Accounting1382
Burg, Michael Biology
Burk, Bill Hospitality
Burke, Darlene Nursing 1237
Burke, Kevin Real Estate1300
Burns, Sarah English
Burns-Davis, Kelly Medical Administrative Professional
Busken, Tim Math
Byrnes, Carmela Chemistry
Byron, Michael Political Science
Cain, Kelly Administration of Justice
Cangelosi, Michael Drafting
Canon, Terrie CSIT
Cantu, Julia Noncredit ESL
Carlsson, Laura Spanish1314
Carr, Frederica Economics
Carrillo, Lori Political Science
Carrubba, Joanne Art
Cassoni, Richard CSIT/Computer Science1363
Castaneda, Gary Political Science
Castle, Jenna Biology
Cemo, James Political Science
Chang, Wan-Chin Music
Chapeton-Lamas, Nery Computer Science
Chavez, Rodrigo Chemistry
Chirra, Joseph Political Science
Christopher, Randall Art
Clark, Daniel Biology
Clark, Kelly Kinesiology
Clark, Patrick MAT
Clopton, Jamie Psychology
Coe, William Music
Cohen, Greg Music
Colangelo, Dominic Horticulture
Colbert, Amber Sociology
Collins-Porter, Melissa Film
Conahan, Patrick Kinesiology6242
Concors, Suzanne Nursing
Congleton, Carol Mathematics
Conrey, Melissa Health
Contreras, Julian Art
Corney, Michael Art
Cornish, Randall MAT
Correa, Alma Psychology, Sociology
Cota, Luke Physics
Cotnoir, Leigh MAT
Cottam, Julie Nursing
Cowell, Frank CSIT
Craigwell, Joan Nursing
Cratty, William Music
Crum, Jason English
Cunningham, Jeanette Design Drafting
Cushing, Brian Business1389
Dalton, Olivia Nursing
Dang, Tram Physics
Daniels, Michael Real Estate1302
D'Arcy, Amy Child Development
Davis Sean Sociology
Davis, Daniel Psychology, Sociology
Davis, Kimberly English
Davis, Randy English
Davis, Randy English
Dawber, Christina Counseling6341
de Vaca, Christina Business1312
Dean Jr, Donald CSIT
Dean, Andrea Nursing
Deardurff, Debbie Child Development
Decker, Stephanie Counseling7879
DeMeo, Rachele French
Deol, Karin English
DeRoche, Jane English6253
Dias, Felipe Sociology
Diaz, Andrew Administration of Justice
Diaz, Carina Spanish
Diederichs, Barbara German
Dillemuth, John Art
Dinckan, Gulay Anthropology1305
DiPadova, Carmen Business1372
Diskin, Dawn Accounting1383
Doherty, Matthew Biology
Dolce, Craig English
Dorner, Meredith Anthropology
Dorsey, Danielle History
Dow, Helena Psychology
Doyle Bauer, Alexandra Library6716
Drangmeister, Laura Communication
Drasco, Mitch Business1390
Drecun-Cox, Aleks Psychology
Driggs, Matthew Art
Dua, Arti CounselingN/A
Dubin, Rob Tourism
Dubinin, Svetlana Mathematics
Duffy, Deborah English8045
Dunn, Sarah
Duralde, Maria Nursing
Duvall, Laura Psychology
Eastmond, Dan Oceanography
Eggers, Margaret Geology
Eggleton, Joshua Art
Eggleton, Xuchi Art
Eliot, Krista Anthropology
Erbacher, Jack Drafting
Ericksen, Linda English1203
Facey, Martin Art
Farouq, Zakia Noncredit ESL1318
Farquharson, Phil Geology, Oceanography
Fassler, Molly Elchepp Psychology
Fatseas, Ellen Noncredit ESL
Faulk, Claudia MAT/CSIT
Faulk, Claudia MAT
Faulkner, Sarah English
Faumuina, Julia Child Development1224
Fazio, Donna DiBenedetto English
Feiler, Chad BTEC
Ferreirae, Kerry Math
Ferreirae, Kerry Mathematics
Ferreria, Christopher Art
Fitzgerald, Brodney Astronomy
Fitzpatrick, Bill Nursing
Fossum, Nolan Mathematics
Foster, Eric Music
Fox-Moore, Renée Dance
Fraser, Michelle Sociology
Freedman, Andrew English
French, Jenessa Nursing
Friend, Ralene Business1359
Frontz, Melanie Communication Studies
Fryszman, Olga Chemistry1326
Gabino, Diajaira Spanish
Gable, Marsha Sociology1309
Ganguli, Victoria Library7864
Garbanati, Dennis Mathematics
Garceau, Jeannette English
Garcia, David Drafting
Garcia, Georgina Counseling
Gardiner, Yana Nursing
Garza, Jessica Earth Science
Garza, Jessica Geology
Gebara-Lamb, Maha Biotechnology
Gebara-Lamb, Maha Biology
Genack, Chester Automotive Technology
Gillespie, Robert CS
Gilroy, Frances Spanish
Gleason, Bonnie Counseling6183
Goeltzenleuchter, Brian Art
Goldin, Eric Radiation Protection Technology, Energy Technology1315
Golemo, Karl History
Gomes, Cari Geology, Oceanography
Gomez, Emilio Economics
Gonzaga, Jaymie Counseling6335
Gonzales, Mario Music
Gonzalez, Jose Noncredit ESL
Gray, Ryan Art
Gray-Adams, Grace MAT, Art
Green, Jack Business1391
Grefe, Bill Auto Technology
Gregg, Kimberly Dance
Gregory, Eric History1369
Griffin, Genevieve Melenyk Psychology1231
Guerrero, Luis Mathematics
Guimond, Kimo Automotive Technology
Gutierrez, Karla Spanish
Haar, Linda Child Development
Hackett, Joan Kinesiology6223
Hanley, Anne Child Development
Hanley, Debbie Noncredit ESL8043
Hansen, Darlene Nursing
Hanson, Cynthia English
Hargas, Gail Nursing
Harker, Amy Rosskopf French
Harris, Brian Sociology
Harrison, Alison Nursing
Hart, James Horticulture
Hawley, Lynn Noncredit ESL
Headley, Cynthia English
Heinzmann, Janice History
Henninger, Sashur Anthropology
Hepburn, Bonnie Psychology1277
Hernandez, Kelly Child Development
Herndon, Jenny Chemistry
Herrera, Alex Spanish
Herrera, Ralph Radiation Protection Technology, Energy Technology
Herrick, Jane CSIT1230
Herrin, Bridget Psychology
Hetrick, Kyle English
Hickman, Linda Business1392
Hidle, Jade English
Hill, Amanda Child Development
Hill, Amanda Child Development
Hirano, Conrad Astronomy
Hirata, Rebecca Ahn Japanese
Holland, Anne Biotechnology1282
Hope, Laurie Library6716
Horton, Madelyn Library7864
Hoyer, Katharine Communication
Hudnutt, Kit Career Studies / Co-Op Work Exp6772
Hughes, Melissa Counseling
Humaciu, Matthew Mathematics
Ilas, Shannon Noncredit ESL
Ivetac, Alicia (Walsh) Communication
Jackson, Michael Nursing
Jacobs, Alyssa Waldorf Kinesiology6427
Jacobson, Leyenda Psychology, Sociology
Jamal, Abedin ACE/ESL
James, Jill Communication
James, Melanie English
Jankovic, Teresa Avina Dance
Jarrous, Laura Counseling6680
Javier, Rizzhel Art
Jennings, Tamrah Nursing
Johnson, D. Joyce Mathematics
Johnson, Jody Child Development
Jones, Cory Biology
Jones, Sandy CSIT
Kading,Silvia Italian
Kalish, Amanda Library7864
Kashyap, Nirmala Mathematics1310
Katsoff, Jason MAT
Keller, Jean History
Kelley, Gregory MAT
Kelly, Michael Math Learning Center
Kemp-Lopez, Diane Spanish
Kenney, Nora English
Kenyon, Karen English
Khalil, Alexander Music
Khan, Azim Biology
Kinnon, Carolyn Horticulture
Kinseth, Matt Biology
Kinseth, Matthew Biotechnology
Kirby, Kelly Anthropology
Kirby, Kelly
Kishimoto, Chad Physics
Kitchen, Deirdre Health
Kiyochi, Emiko Japanese
Klein, Marti Geography
Klingbeil, Candice Biology
Knappen, Marilyn Mathematics
Knittel, Rebecca Jean English
Kolonko, Ken Chemistry
Kolt, Tom Pharmacology
Komancheck, Janice Mathematics
Kopfstein, Robert English
Kopp, Robert Math
Kopp, Robert Math
Kopp, Robert Mathematics
Krajewski, Linda Psychology
Kramer, Alexis Kinesiology
Krezoski, Jill Earth Science
Kriebel, Amanda Kinesiology
Krish, Magdalene German
Krupinski, Larry Accounting1384
Kurz-Camacho, Sabine Biology
Kyes, Margret Noncredit ESL
Lackkaty, Sou ACE/ESL, English
Lannen, Victoria
Larson, Janette English
Layne, Theresa Drama
Lederman, Barry Mathematics
Lederman, Barry Math
Lee, Annie Child Development
Lee, Herman Career6772
Lee, Jaeryoung Music
Lee, Melissa Biology
Lee, Susie CSIT1346
Lee, Tracey Medical Administrative Professional
Lemos, Justine Dance
Lewis, Kevin Computer Science
Leyden, Matthew Counseling
Libertino, Dan Music1245
Lieser, Joshua History
Lievense, Lisa Biology
Ligorsky, Debra English
Lister Haynes, Laurie-Jeanne Music
Llewellyn, Clayton Art
Lo, Jaqueline Art
Lochard, Cassondra (Brown) Mathematics
Loedel, Delores Accounting1398
Lopez, Sarah Music
Lopez-Mercedes, Jose Noncredit ESL
Loughrey, Elaine CSIT
Love, Don Counseling6680
Lovelace, Sierra Counseling8755
Lowe, Naomi (Pike) Psychology
Lu-Anderson, Doris Kinesiology
Ma, Richard ACE/ESL, English
Madigan, Ann Sasaki Administration of Justice, Psychology, Sociology
Madigan, John Administration of Justice
Magargal, Kelli English
Mansfield, Bill Real Estate1362
Mansour, Daoud Film
Marbey, Debra Biology
Mariscal, Eduardo Mathematics
Marshall, Gregory History
Martin, James Philosophy
Martin, Leslie Accounting1385
Martinez, Cari Counseling
Martinez, May-Ling Art
Marzoni, Justine Communication Studies
Masse, Don Art
Matlin, Talitha Library6716
McAllaster, Daniel Mathematics
McCarthy, Stacy Kinesiology
McClary, Kelley English
McConnell, Ashley Dance
McCrary Kambourakis, Kristi Italian
McCune, Barbara Sociology1284
McDermott, Terri Art
McDonald, Linda Nursing
McFarland, Casey Health, Kinesiology
McGovern, William History
McGowan, Ron Real Estate1304
McGuinness, John English
McLean, Timothy CSIT
McMahan, Elan Music
McMahon, Sean Chemistry1355
McNeal, Cyndi Medical Administrative Professional
McPherson, Barbara Psychology
Megill, David Music
Megill, Don Music
Mehlhoff, David Administration of Justice
Mendoza, Paulino Spanish
Menzing, Todd History
Mercado, Serena Mathematics
Micelli, Heather Economics
Middleton, Linda Psychology
Miles, Selene Biology
Miller, Cathy English
Miller, Garrett Philosophy
Miller, Rachel Psychology
Milstein, Lou Business1324
Mitchell, Curry English
Moberly, Jan Career
Mohareri, Ali Business1338
Molina, Jordan English1275
Molina, Joseph Business8743
Molina, Sarina  1291
Montagna, Katie English1332
Moore, Christine History
Moore, Duncan Music
Moore, Josephine Medical Administrative Professional1336
Moore, Veronica Child Development
Morales, Gabriel Spanish
Morgan, M. Lynn Noncredit ESL
Moses, Roger Athletics6246
Mota, Jose Counseling1367
Muller, Gabriela Art
Mullins, Larry Mathematics
Muresan, Branden Music
Nagaya-Houk, Yumena Japanese
Narner-Saadat, Valencia Administration of Justice
Nataraj, Lalitha Library6716
Navo, Chris Mathematics
Nelipovich, Jill Mathematics
Neubauer, Eric Automotive Technology
Newmark, Lauren (Milligan) Anthropology
Nguyen, Hau Computer Science/CSIT
Nguyen, Thong Chemistry
Nichols, Terrie
Nichols, Terrie Math
Nichols, Terrie Mathematics
Noble, Susan Accounting1386
NoguezdelaCerda, Juan Math
Noraky, Maniphahn Nursing
Nugent, Kris Art
Nyman, Al Administration of Justice
Oberg, Anjeanette Psychology1351
O'Brien, Kathleen Music
Ocampo, Maria Spanish
O'Donnell, Megen English
Olejnik, Loralee Communication
Olivier, Thierry French
Olson Bermudez, Laura Psychology
Olszova, Daniela BTEC
Olszova, Daniela Biotechnology
Onofrey, Karen Reading, English
Opdahl, Judy Library7864
Oropesa, Andrew Noncredit ESL
Osborne, Philip Biology
Pacheco, Juan Art
Paciorek, Laura Child Development1339
Paduano, Francesca Italian
Pae, Min Computer Science
Pain, Elizabeth Anthropology
Palomino, David Geography
Papay, Marcus Art
Paris, Jennifer D. Child Development1244
Partaine, Lindsay Mathematics
Patel, Kavita Computer Science
Paulsen, Kathleen English
Paz, Rigo Spanish
Pelkie, Teresa CSIT
Pentek, Jozsef Biology
Perez, Josilyn CounselingN/A
Perry, Bethanie History
Perry, Pamela INTR
Peterson, Lauren Kinesiology
Petrucci, Tracy CSIT
Phillips, Judith Psychology, Gerontology6292
Piazza, Enrico Italian
Pickham, Kathleen Chemistry
Pina, Janet Library7864
Pitcher, Corinne Library6716
Pope Jr., Loren Nursing1281
Potratz, Donna English1219
Poulos, Linda MAP
Preston, Judith Art
Prior, Russ MAT
Proppe, Jean Music
Psuty, Ingrid Art
Quesnell, Iana Art
Quintenz-Fiedler, Amanda Art
Ragudo, Abraham Surgical Technology
Rahmani, Farideh Economics
Rajah, Razia Spanish
Ramirez, Christian English
Rasmussen, Linda Oceanography
Ray, Shatarupa Biology
Rector, R. Ray Oceanography
Reeves, David History
Reil, Ginnie Nursing
Reilly, Jeannie Engineering, Design Drafting
Renshaw, Allison Art
Reyzer, Kendall Physics
Riccitelli, Melinda Biology
Richards, Tony Art6445
Richer, James Automotive Technology
Rivera, Juan Math
Rivera, Juan Mathematics
Rivera, Juan Math
Roderick, Aubrey Kuan Chinese6377
Rodriguez, Luz Delgado Spanish
Rodriguez-Castillo, Jose ACE/ESL
Rohr, Steve Communication Studies
Rosen, Roberta INTR6210
Rostami, Samira Communication Studies
Sachs, Robin Child Development1356
Sadeghipour, Farid Math
Saidane, Saloua Chemistry
Salami, Bahman Chemistry
Salas, Roberto Art
Salehpoor, Zahra Mathematics1365
Sallaberry, Clelia Spanish
Sanchez, Alexandro Biology
Sanchez, Geneva Sociology
Saxe, Anne Geography
Sayble, Debra CSIT
Sayre, Lisa Nursing
Scaduto, Enza English1235
Schiffler, Barbara English
Schmid, Elmar Biotechnology - Community Svcs
Schuster, Cindy Spanish
Scott James, Michele Asian Studies, History, Religious
Scully, Kathleen Biology
Sean, Davis Sociology
Selchau, Lisa Chemistry
Sension, Kristin ACE/ESL
Shannon, Joy Drama
Shepard, James Music
Sherry, Susan Real Estate1368
Siebert, Aubri Dance
Sills, Judd Radiation Protection Technology, Energy Technology
Silven, Naagen MAT1373
Silverman, Joe Business, Economics1226
Silverman, Joe Economics
Simmons, Liliana Nursing
Simpson, Adrianne Psychology, Sociology
Skalman, Aren Art
Skoda, Erin Nutrition
Slifka, David MAT
Smiley, Jordyn Drama
Smith, Evan English
Smith, Sean Business1396
Smith, Tamara History
Smith, William Sociology
Smithson, Suzanne Library6716
Spangler, Lauren NC Balance & Mobility
Spike, Ananda Philosophy
Spirito, Jamie English1247
Spittal, James Drafting
Sprague, Terry Film
Sproul, David History
Stark, Heather English
Stephens, Mark Noncredit ESL
Stillinger, Denise Biology8030
Stockton, Dale Admin of Justice
Stojimirovic, Irena Physics
Stolle, Tracey Health
Stone, Lyle Music
Stoner, Carla Noncredit ESL
Strickland, Christopher History
Strona, Jacob English
Strong, Mercedes Non-Credit
Strong, Mercedes BOT
Taccone, Al Accounting6807
Takeuchi, Shoko Japanese
Talbergs, Joy Career8727
Tam, Vicky Nursing
Tamrakar, Sama Biology
Tapia, Minerva Dance
Taugher, Michael Geography1349
Taylor, Matthew Oceanography, Geology
Thai, Mai Mathematics
Thomas, Erin Business1283
Thompson, Kevin Political Science1316
Thompson, Rebecca Child Development
Thompson, Sara Biology
Thornhill, Mark MAT
Thuleen, Nancy German
Tibbals-Penningten, Frances Music
Tiffany, Bridget Biology
Tinhorn, April CSIT
Titus, David Design Drafting, Engineering1295
Toledo-Yildiz, Marya Spanish
Tolopilo, Joshua Chemistry
Toole, Alex Math
Toole, Alex Math
Toole, Alex Mathematics
Toto, Joe Chemistry
Tram Dang
Traugh, Steven Music
Trif, Mariana Noncredit ESL
Trudel, June Political Science
Tucker, Alexis
Turner, Tanisha Surgical Technology
Ulrich-Schlumbohm, Gwendollyn History
Van Pelt, Kathy CSIT/BOT8968
Vargas, Olivia Spanish
Vazquez Paramio, Silvia Spanish
Vera, Stacey Accounting1387
Viersen, Alan Accounting
Villalobos, Jorge English
Villane, Florene Film
Villanova, Amy Music 
Villena-Visi, Mandana Chemistry
Vogel Trautt, Michelle Psychology, Sociology
Vorkoper, Dale Architecture, Design Drafting
Wadeson, Cheryl Business1361
Walcutt, John Drama, Film
Wales, Shannon English
Walker, Bekkah Art
Walker, Mary Nursing1360
Walkington, Lori Sociology
Wardaki, Nilab History
Ware, Alex Communication Studies
Ware, Mark Child Development, Psychology1342
Waterhouse, Mel English
Waters, Anna Biology
Webb, Marie ACE/ESL
Webster, Angela Noncredit ESL
Weinberg, Sadie Dance
Weldele, Heather Hosaka ACE/ESL, English
Weseloh, Jay Religious1221
West, Janelle Biology
Westlake, Omaida Spanish1212
Wheatley, Ally Kinesiology
Wheelden, Michael Art
Whitbread, Brian Administration of Justice1333
White, Siobhan English
Whiting, Michael Art
Whittinghill, Erin English
Wilcox, David Counseling, Career6808
Wild, Kyleb Anthropology
Wilkinson, Jason Mathematics
Wilkinson, Sean English
Williams, Christopher Mathematics1319
Williams, Jason English1317
Williams, Lesley Blankenship Biology1228
Williams, Marla English
Williamson, Darin Library7864
Williamson, Gary Math
Wilson, Gina Psychology
Wiltshire, Miara Dance
Woo, Mary Biology
Wood, Syndee English
Woodard, John Career6772
Woodson, Jeffrey Drafting
Wright, Charlene Geography
Wright, Charlene Math
Yager, Melissa Nursing
Yamazaki, Katrina Biology
Yerushalmian, Sara Psychology
Yoshida, Jennifer Art
Zahedani, Heydar Mathematics
Zahedi, Shahrzad French
Zaitz, Angela Nursing6842
Zander, Judith Accounting1340
Zarpour, Mari Anthropology
Zimmerman, Cindy Art
Zimmerman, Del Noncredit ESL
Zimmerman, Frank Athletics
Zimmerman, Michael English
Zocco, Erin Library6716