About the Classified Senate


The Classified Senate is the official employee group for most classified professionals at MiraCosta College. If you are a regular (full or part-time) monthly (not temporary or hourly) classified employee, or a contract employee, you are automatically a member of the Classified Senate. While no one will be excluded from participation in the Classified Senate for non-payment, we ask that you to contribute to the Classified Senate through annual dues of $15 per year. Benefits available to classified staff through the Classified Senate include:

Please actively support your Classified Senate by forwarding your annual dues to Treasurer, Marlesha Keys at mail station #17A. Annual dues may be paid by cash, check or automatic payroll deduction.

Your additional contribution to the Classified Senate Student Scholarship Fund through the MCC Foundation is also appreciated and may be made at anytime of the year.

As you consider actively supporting the Classified Senate, consider serving on one of the district or Classified Senate Council sub-committees.

Classified Senate Council contact information and constituent lists can be found on the Classified Senate portal page.


AB1725 mandates are now part of the California Ed. Code.
One of the mandates appears in Section 70902 of the Ed. Code which states,". . .the Board of Trustees of each community college district shall . . . establish procedures. . . to ensure faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to express their opinions at the campus level and to ensure that these opinions are given every reasonable consideration, and the right to participate effectively in district and college governance, and the right of academic senates to assume primary responsibility for making recommendations in areas of curriculum and academic standards."

The Classified Senate of MiraCosta College is comprised of diverse, committed, professional staff who support and reaffirm the college's mission.

The Classified Senate embraces a proactive role in collegial governance and effectively provides representation in all issues involving its constituents and the District.

Elected Officers and Senators serving on the Classified Senate value, advocate, and participate in MiraCosta's collegial governance process with colleagues from the associated student body, administration and faculty, as set forth by the college's Board of Trustees.

Adopted by the Classified Senate Council 07/23/96. Effective July 1, 2018 the name was changed to Classified Senate.


MiraCosta College is one of only a few community colleges in California that does not have a collective bargaining unit, i.e. unions.

We have maintained a collegial atmosphere throughout the years because of a mutual trust and respect between the staff and administration.

In 1973, the classified staff was asked to select a permanent representative to be part of the President's Council, which met twice monthly, so that the concerns and interests of the classified staff could be voiced. This was the beginning of the Classified Employees Association (CEA). In January 2001 the Classified Employees voted to change the name from Classified Employees Association to the Classified Senate.

The first by-laws were approved by MiraCosta's Board of Trustees in May 1978. The stated purposes are to: