About the Classified Senate

The Classified Senate is the official employee group for permanent classified employees at MiraCosta College. As such, the Senate represents employees and their interests of the Classified Senate in matters of collegial governance at the district and state-wide levels.

Mission Statement

MiraCosta College’s Classified Senate represents the interests, issues and concerns of classified staff through involvement in collegial governance. The Senate officially represents the classified body in matters relating to working conditions and compensation agreements through the collegial meet and confer process.The Senate promotes continued professional development opportunities and collaborative efforts with faculty, students, and administration to support a positive and productive campus culture.


To actively maintain a campus community which values inclusion and respect. The Classified Senate of MiraCosta College will continuously work on behalf of all classified employees in a transparent manner. The Senate will act responsibly as a representative body by regularly and clearly communicating with classified staff and encouraging participation in college-wide discussion, planning, and events.


The Classified Senate of MiraCosta is committed to upholding the districts values of excellence, innovation, diversity, equity and inclusion. To carry out our mission and vision, we value cooperation, communication, and collaboration between all members of the campus community.


The Classified Senate embraces a proactive role in collegial governance and effectively provides leadership and representation in all issues involving its constituents and the District.  In addition, the Classified Senate represents its constituents through the negotiations of working conditions and compensation agreements using the meet-and-confer process. This process results in the Classified Senate Employee Manual.  The manual houses these conditions and its intention to provide basic information on current policy and procedure and is meant to be read in conjunctioon with board policy and state and federal law. Elected Executive Officers and Senators serving on the Classified Senate value, advocate, and participate in MiraCosta's collegial governance process with colleagues from the associated student body, administration and faculty, as set forth by the college's Board of Trustees.

Programs & Services

All things Classified can be found on the Classified Senate portal page.  Including: