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Listed below is an excerpt from Administrative Procedure 7160: Professional Development for full-time faculty and classified staff. These are the guidelines and criteria in providing reimbursement to employees for enrollment fees paid for courses completed to further professional development. For the full policy, see Administrative Procedure 7160: Professional Development.

A. All permanent (one who has successfully completed a one-year probationary period) classified employees shall be eligible to participate in the program.

B. All full-time faculty members are eligible to participate in the program.

C. Priority consideration shall be given for approving courses using the following criteria:

1. Courses related to the current and/or projected duties of employment, including courses in Spanish, computer applications, first aid, and CPR.

2. General and basic education courses (i.e., English, math, introduction to sociology, general psychology, etc.).

3. Other credit courses not related specifically to professional development.

a. Course work must be taken at MiraCosta College unless the course is required for maintaining or upgrading skills for current position and is not offered at MiraCosta College within the twelve (12) month period for which the employee is requesting enrollmentfee reimbursement. In such a case, enrollment-fee reimbursement will be limited to the cost of equivalent units at MiraCosta College, within the allowable limit.

b. No course will be considered for reimbursement if its content is part of the minimum requirements for the current position.

c. An employee must receive a minimum of a “C” grade or equivalent to receive reimbursement. If letter grades are not given for a course, a copy of the certificate indicating successful course completion or a letter of satisfactory completion signed by the instructor is required.

d. In order for a class to be considered for enrollment-fee reimbursement it must be scheduled during a time other than the employee’s regularly scheduled work hours. If the class is offered only during the employee’s work hours, the supervisor may approve a temporary work schedule change, which allows the employee to
be off duty during the class hours and to make up the time missed during the same week.

e. Faculty members may not apply for enrollment-fee reimbursement for courses scheduled during times that they are scheduled to teach a class or have other specific work assignments.

f. No course will be considered for enrollment-fee reimbursement if it is to be used by the employee for salary enhancement (professional development or career incentive), during flex time, or for courses taken during sabbatical leaves.

g. Courses or seminars mandated and paid for by the district are not eligible for enrollment fee reimbursement, nor may any employee apply for enrollment-fee reimbursement for courses s/he may wish
to substitute for the mandated ones.

h. It is the responsibility of the employee to apply for enrollment-fee reimbursement and then to verify completion of coursework with an official transcript or the instructor’s signature prior to June 30 of the
year in which the course was taken.

i. Applications for enrollment-fee reimbursement must be received prior to the start of the semester in which the class is to be taken. If the class approved is canceled and the employee must substitute a class, s/he must request and receive approval for substitution before the end of the second week of the semester.

j. Approval bodies for enrollment-fee reimbursement are the Classified Career Incentive Committee and the Academic Employees' Professional Advancement Committee.

k. Completed approval forms must be forwarded to the Director of Human Resources. Upon completion of coursework, verification of satisfactory completion of class (i.e., transcripts) and a purchase request must be sent to the Director of Human Resources before enrollment-fee reimbursement occurs.

l. The Director of Human Resources will sign the purchase request and forward it to Accounts Payable when verification is complete.

In addition, faculty members may request tuition reimbursement for courses taken outside the district in lieu of departmental and staff development professional travel reimbursement.

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