Classified Professional Development

External Activities (formerly Travel)

For FY14, approximately $24,000 is available for classified professional development.


*‘Regular (both probationary and permanent) monthly (not temporary/hourly) classified employees’.  Those serving as ‘interim’ are also eligible to apply for funds. Classified Administrators are ineligible to request and/or receive funds through this program.

Getting Started - Request Procedures

Please note: Meal allowances are NOT allowed unless participant stays overnight no matter what the duration of the activity is.  Mileage will NOT be allowed unless participant is an approved authorized driver for the district.  For more information relating to driver authorization, please refer to the Risk Management website.

Requesters will normally receive official notification regarding the status of submitted requests within three (3) business days. 

Upon completion of the approved activity, an Evaluation form is to be submitted.

Not Sure What Types of Activities There Are?

The following companies are just a few of the many who offer job training and/or enhancement opportunities.  Click here for samples of current workshops.


If you have any questions, please contact Lori Schneider at x6637.