Appeal Process

Classified Senate Employee Manual H.1.8 Procedure for Filing an Appeal to CRC Recommendation

Following reclassification of an existing position, an employee or supervisor may submit a request for appeal of reclassified position form to CRC within ten (10) working days of receiving the notification of the CRC decision.

During review of the appeal, CRC can meet with the employee and/or supervisor to further clarify the appeal.

The chair will notify the employee of the CRC decision and the remainder of the process is followed. If the superintendent/president’s cabinet does not agree with the CRC appeal recommendation, the request may be referred to a compensation consultant. CRC will meet with the consultant who will make the final recommendation to the superintendent/president.

Once a decision has been reached on an appeal, the decision and explanation of the decision will be returned to the employee by the CRC chair.

Once an appeal decision has been made by the superintendent/president, the employee will have concluded the appeal process.

Request for Appeal of Reclassified Position