Temp. Reclassification

Classified Senate Employee Manual H.1.6 Procedure for Positions Affected by Temporary Reclassification

When an employee is temporarily assigned some duties of a higher classification not reflected in his/her current job description, the employee may request a responsibility stipend. A temporary stipend will be applied when the change in duties affects at least twenty-five percent (25%) of his/her current duties. The additional duties will be performed for a period of time that exceed five working days but not longer than one year.

A.  If the work assignment is one month or less, the Director of Human Resources will apply a five- percent (5%) stipend of the employee's current base salary for the specified period the employee is performing the additional/new duties.

B.  If the temporary duties will exceed one month and consist of one-hundred percent (100%) of the responsibilities of an existing classification, the employee will receive the full salary of the higher classification.

C.  On the other hand, if the duties are a combination of multiple job descriptions, a revised job description will be forwarded to CRC for temporary reclassification. CRC will review the changes to the job description and assign points, which will determine a temporary salary range for the position. The committee may consult with the employee and/or supervisor(s) for additional clarification.

The employee completes the request for temporary reclassification/compensation form within one week of commencement of the newly assigned duties. The completed form (with signatures) and a copy of the modified job description (if applicable) are forwarded to the Director of Human Resources for review and processing as appropriate.

For temporary reclassification requiring CRC action, the CRC will forward its recommendations to the employee and to the superintendent/president’s cabinet for final recommendation and then to the Board for action at its next meeting. If the employee chooses to appeal the CRC decision, he/she may do so by utilizing the CRC appeals process in section H.1.4.

Upon final Board approval, the Payroll Department will process the salary adjustment, retroactive to the first day of the employee’s new assignment. To be eligible for retroactive compensation, the temporary reclassification form must be submitted to the Director of Human Resources within one week of commencement of the newly assigned duties.

Request for Temporary Responsibility Stipend


Cabinet requested the CRC to develop an equitable and consistent process for applying a temporary responsibility factor compensation. Employees are eligible for temporary compensation when they have been requested by their supervisor(s) to perform duties not reflected in their current Job Description which are considered to be at a higher responsibility level (Factors 5A and 5B).

In researching other community college districts, CRC found (and not to our surprise) that most Classified Job Descriptions/duties are negotiated and outlined in Union contracts, thus limiting the number of employees who are actually compensated for performing "temporary, out-of-class assignments." Although due consideration has been given to surveyed responses, the basis for our recommendation is primarily focused toward maintaining integrity, consistency, and equitableness within MiraCosta College's District's Policies and Procedures.