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Honors Advisory Council


As an advisory committee to the Office of the Instruction, the mission of the MiraCosta Honors Advisory Council is to provide advice and counsel to the Office of Instruction regarding Honors education.  The Honors Advisory Council's job is to recommend improvements that allow the program to fulfill its mission:

The mission of the MiraCosta Honors Scholar Program (HSP) is to enhance the learning environment for MiraCosta students by stimulating the learning process, integrating in-class and out-of-class experiences, and promoting an environment conducive to development and discovery.

The council's goals include facilitating the intellectual, social, occupational, and cultural development of honors students. The program offers classes, cultural events, community service activities and a variety of events aimed at increasing students’ awareness of the world and the opportunities it offers.  Honors students are encouraged to be actively involved in their own education and demonstrate a high level of interest, initiative, and ability.

Ultimately, the council works to enhance the overall quality of campus life, establish a sense of community in which all students can realize their fullest potential in their quest for academic, professional, and personal excellence.


The Honors Advisory Council fulfills its mission through functions including: Advising and making recommendations to the Office of Instruction, Academic Senate, academic departments and faculty in general regarding Honors education as it relates to course and program development, teaching, counseling, conference preparation, themed learning communities and outside the class community and learning opportunities.

Serving as a resource to the Academic Affairs Committee as needed to update major initiatives and changes in the Honors Scholar Program.

Serving as a resource to the Courses and Programs Committee (C&P) on curriculum policies and procedures related to Honors education.

Serving as a resource to Professional Development Program (PDP) on needs particular to professional development of faculty in Honors education.

Reporting to the Academic Senate on any issues pertaining to Honors education and areas of Senate primacy.


The Honors Advisory Council (HAC) comprises 11-14 faculty serving two-year terms and up to three students serving one-semester terms.  Terms are renewable.  Terms should be staggered so that no more than 60% of the committee turns over in a given year.  The chair of the Honors Advisory Council is the Honors Faculty Coordinator.

The HAC’s membership includes:


For 2015-2016, the Honors advisory council will have approximately two, but sometimes three, meetings per semester.  The council usually has a meeting at the beginning of every semester in August and January and then holds a mid-semester meeting in October and March. The meetings last for approximately two hours.  If it is necessary, additional meetings are scheduled in November and April.  Meetings are usually held on the Oceanside campus in OC 1054.  Faculty often provide additional service to the Honors Scholar Program through participation in flex week workshops, Honors Scholar Program events and student conference mentoring.  Agendas for upcoming meetings are published at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting.

Contact Info

Christopher Sleeper is the Honors Faculty Coordinator and can be reached at or by phone at 760-757-2121 X6514.  See also the Honors Scholar Program homepage for a full list of committee members.

Perkins Planning Team


Perkins IV Section 134(b)(5) requires that a group of individuals be involved in the development, implementation, and evaluation of CTE programs that receive Perkins Title I, Part C funds.  The Local Planning Team (Perkins Planning Team) is created to involve representatives from CTE programs, business and industry in the planning and decision making process to determine program funding every year.

The Perkins Planning Team reviews each proposal to ensure that the nine requirements are addressed and includes “reasonable” expenditures allowed under Perkins IV.

The focus of Perkins IV is on program improvements that help meet the following core indicators that the college is held accountable for to the state chancellor’s office:

Within each of these indicators the following are measured:


Required representation includes business, industry, labor organizations, special populations, academic and CTE faculty, career guidance and academic counselors, and students. The majority of faculty should be representatives of career and technical education. Additional representatives and individuals can be added as needed for additional planning advice and expertise. There is no limitation on the number of representatives that may be appointed from each group. 


The Perkins Planning Team meets twice a year in early spring. First they meet for an annual training on the Perkins Grant and allowable expenses. The Team reviews annual funding requests and then meets in early April to discuss and finalize the annual Perkins budget.

Technology Advisory Committee


The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) is an advisory committee to the Vice President of Instruction with college-wide representation whose focus is on ensuring the that the college makes the best possible recommendations in advance the use of technology to meet its mission, vision and goals. The committee also ensure that changes, new directions and planning is done in a coordinated and collaborative fashion.


The Technology Advisory Committee is composed of the following members:


Starting Fall 2015 the committee will meet once a month. The day and time of the meetings will be determined by the committee members' mutual availability.