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President's Alliance on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (PADEI)


The President's Alliance on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (PADEI), in consultation with the College President, coordinates college matters which promote and sustain a campus climate that creates and supports respect and diversity among all faculty, staff, administrators, and students throughout the district. MiraCosta College is committed to providing a strong, supportive, and authentic environment where difference is valued, respected, encouraged, and honored; where all faculty, staff, and students experience a sense of belonging and the freedom to express themselves, and where their experiences are recognized and valued. MiraCosta College strives to be a model for equity and inclusion. The alliance is committed to providing opportunities for engagement both across the campus and within the communities the college serves.

Areas of Focus

Expected Frequency of Meetings

Open, monthly meetings with quarterly visits with the college president. Contact the President's Office at 760.795.6610 for the meeting schedule.


PADEI Chair: Full-time Tenured Faculty Member
FUNCTIONAL MEMBERS (These members are by way of their role/function in their respective positions:

Resource Members

These members are by way of their enthusiasm and expertise in the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

2016/17 membership




Sustainability Advisory Committee


The President’s Sustainability Advisory Committee (PSAC) advises the college president on matters that promote the development  and implementation of  environmentally sustainable policies, practices, and systems throughout the district.

Institutional Objective

MiraCosta Community College District will become a vanguard educational institution committed to innovation and researched best practices, broad access to higher education, and environmental sustainability.

Vision, Goals, and Purposes

PSAC advises the college president in matters pertaining to environmental sustainability, and:

2014–2017 Objectives

Integrate sustainability into the college environment, culture, and experience, and extend outreach to the communities served by the district.

2014–2017 Action Plan

Develop and implement an educational outreach plan to increase sustainability awareness throughout the district.

Expected Frequency of Meetings

Minimum of quarterly meetings, with annual visits with the college president. Contact the President's Office at 760.795.6610 for meeting schedule.

2016-2017 Membership






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