Organization and Contact Information

Full Committee

Current Members

Headshot of Eduardo J. Aguilar, History faculty
Eduardo J. Aguilar, History

Headshot of Eric Bishop, Theatre and Film faculty
Eric Bishop, Theatre and Film
760.757.2121 x6449

Headshot of Nery Chapetón-Lamas, Computer Science faculty and committee chair
Nery Chapetón-Lamas, Computer Science (Committee Chair)
760.757.2121 x6906

Headshot of Hilda Gomez-Zinn, Counseling faculty
Hilda Gomez-Zinn, Counselor
760.757.2121 x6295

Headshot of Sonia Guitiérrez, English faculty
Sonia Gutiérrez, English

Headshot of Jade Hidle, English faculty
Jade Hidle, English
760.757.2121 x6266

Headshot of Himgauri Kulkarni, Biology faculty
Himgauri Kulkarni, Biology
760-757-2121 x6343

Headshot of Alicia López, Sociology faculty
Alicia López, Sociology
760.757.2121 x6228​

Headshot of Jeffrey Murico, Religious Studies faculty
Jeffrey Murico, Religious Studies
760.757.2121 x6551

Headshot of Tyrone Nagai, English Pre-Transfer faculty
Tyrone Nagai, English Pre-Transfer
760.757.2121 x6195

Headshot of Lemee Nakamura, Mathematics faculty
Lemee Nakamura, Mathematics
760.757.2121 x6219

Headshot of Violeta Sanches, English faculty and PDP Liaison
Violeta Sanchez, English
(PDP Liaison)
760.757.2121 x6196

Headshot of Nancy Schaefer, Disabled Students Programs and Services, English faculty
Nancy Schaefer, Disabled Students Programs and Services, English  
760.757.2121 x6311

Headshot of Afifa Zaman, Counseling faculty
Afifa Zaman, Counselor
760.757.2121 x7547