President's Sustainability Advisory Committee


The Presidents Sustainability Advisory Committee (PSAC) advises the college president on matters that promote the development  and implementation of  environmentally sustainable policies, practices and systems throughout the district.

Institutional Objective

MiraCosta Community College District will become a vanguard educational institution committed to innovation and researched best practices, broad access to higher education, and environmental sustainability.

Vision, Goals and Purposes

PSAC advises the college president in matters pertaining to environmental sustainability, and:

2014-17 Objectives

2014-2017 Action Plan

Expected Frequency of Meetings

Minimum of quarterly meetings, with semi-annual visits with the college president. Contact the President's Office at 760.795.6610 for meeting schedule.


2015-16 membership


Tom Macias


Keith Cunningham

Herschel Stern

Megan Allison

Jane Mushinksy

Mark Whitney

Myla Stokes


Eric Gallant

Ralph Pickering

Jason Kubrock

Kim Simonds


Dr. Sunny Cooke

Charlie Ng

Katie White

Cheryl Broom

Susan Asato

Sandy Comstock


Annual Appointment by ASG

Additional Resources

Board of Trustees Policy 3260 Energy and Sustainability

2015 Sustainability Plan (in development)

Board of Trustees Administrative Procedure 3260 Energy and Sustainability