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History Instructor
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expbul1a   HISTORY 110  

*    HISTORY 111



Schedules—Dates and Stuff!

expbul1a   HISTORY 110           MW Schedule                      

BS00975_expbul1a   HISTORY 111           MW Schedule           TT Schedule             


BS00554_Written Assignments


v HISTORY 110—Early U.S. History:          

v HISTORY 111—Recent U.S. History:

v History 165--California History:


Timelines, Maps, & Other Useful Information

·         HISTORY 111: Unit I Timeline    

·         HISTORY 160: California Geography Maps; Overview of Native Americans


Useful Links

Nation of Nations On-Line Study Guide

            Nation of Nations

MiraCosta Links

MiraCosta Home Page                    JStor

Chicago Manual of Style Web Sites

MiraCosta Library Links (use the “humanities style”)

Chicago Manual of Style

Directory to Primary Source Collections on Web

            MiraCosta Library Data Bases

Links to Primary Sources

Primary Source Documents

Primary Source Links*                    Early US History                                          Library of Congress

Civil War Archives                          History Matters *                                          Early US Documents*

Political Cartoons                            Paintings of Puritan Children

Images from History

California                                          Great Depression                                         Library of Congress Digital Collection

Theodore Roosevelt                        Civil War and the American West            Red Scare