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  • BUS 132, Marketing
  • BS, Central Connecticut State University
  • MS, San Diego State University
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Brian Cushing
BUS 132 Class

Brian Cushing has served in marketing and management positions in several multi-national organizations during a business career spanning thirty years. He is a specialist in new business development in long-cycle business-to-business sales situations. He currently manages a home improvement business in San Diego and also provides consulting services in sales force management within his field of specialization.  

Brian earned an Associates Degree in Marketing Management from Tunxis Community College in Connecticut, his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Central Connecticut State University, and his Masters Degree in Marketing from San Diego State University. A member of the American Marketing Association and the Marketing Educators Association, Brian brings a great deal of practical real-time marketing and management experience to every class he teaches. Visit Brian's personal instructor web site at


BUS 132


BUS 132:1148 Spring 2016 (online)

BUS 132:2182 Fall 2014 (online)


BUS 132 Brian Cushing Pt1 Pt2


BUS 132 Marketing Chapters for first two weeks of semester (PDFs):

MKTG-8: CH01 CH02

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Teaching Philosophy/Style and Class Management/Activities

I’ve been a marketing and sales professional for many years, and I bring lots of organizational and discipline-specific experience to the task of helping students understand and apply marketing strategy to their personal and professional lives. The basis of my teaching method is the application of marketing fundamentals to real-time marketing cases, such as those students would be expected to encounter in the business world today. I strive to keep the material interesting, fresh, and timely and to give my students every opportunity to share their own insights and experiences and apply them to this fascinating business discipline. I will always be available to students who need assistance with the learning; I see helping students to become successful as an important responsibility - your success is my success as well.

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Finally, I like to think that I am very easy to work with - within reasonable limits, of course. Students who communicate with me early about their issues and take responsibility for problems they may have created for themselves will always receive my full attention and assistance; on the other hand, those who expect me to simply take ownership of their problems will likely have a different working experience with me. I believe that teaching responsibility is a key intrinsic learning objective here in the MiraCosta College business school.

I look forward to working with you and helping you on your path to personal achievement.