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  • BUS 120, Introduction to Business
  • BUS 138, Advertising and Promotion
  • BS (Business), De Paul University
  • MBA, De Paul University
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Carmen Di Padova
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Carmen Di Padova's career has revolved around helping professional services firms grow their revenue.

He began his career in the advertising agency business in an account management role. Carmen spent time in marketing and business development roles with lawyers at the Law Practice Management Section of the American Bar Association. He has helped grow revenue at the world's largest CPA/consulting firm Arthur Andersen, at its home office in Chicago and at other big 8 CPA firms as well as regional firms.

Having relocated to San Diego more than 12 years ago, Carmen has extensive business contacts within the San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles areas. His volunteer activities include a seat on the Board of the Cal State University San Marcos Business School, and chairing the MBA mentoring program at the University of San Diego. Carmen holds a Bachelor's degree in Business and an MBA from De Paul University. MiraCosta Team
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BUS 120:2053 Fall 2014 (SEC)

BUS 120:1255 Spring 2014 (SEC)
BUS 138:1266 Spring 2014 (OCS)


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