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  • BUS 117, Human Resources Management
  • BUS 130, Small Business Management
  • BUS 160, International Business
  • BS, University of California, Irvine
  • MBA, University of California, Irvine
  • VOICEMAIL: 760.757.2121 x1283
  • EMAIL:
Erin Thomas
BUS 130 Class

Erin Thomas has many years of business experience in the telecommunications, defense and non-profit industries. Her early years were spent developing and deploying complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other information systems for Qualcomm. Before she retired from Qualcomm in 2005 Erin spent four years on international assignments including product deployments in Asia, Europe and Latin America. More recently, she has facilitated a non-profit organization’s move to the internet and server-based data management to better serve the group’s members.
Erin received both her undergraduate degree in Information and Computer Science and her Masters of Business Administration from University of California, Irvine.


BUS 117 Human Resources Mgmt

BUS 160 International Business


BUS 117:1220 Fall 2015 (online)
BUS 130:1205 Fall 2015 (OCS)
BUS 290:1214 Fall 2015 (OCS)

BUS 130: 1144 Spring 2016 (OCS)
BUS 160: 1161 Spring 2016 (online)

BUS 290: 1165 Spring 2016 (OCS)


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What I bring to this learning community is many years of business experience in the telecommunications, defense, and non-profit industries. My undergraduate degree is in Information and Computer Science and my MBA emphasized International Business. Both were earned at the University of California, Irvine. Much of my career was spent in Information Technology roles which allowed me to see a wide variety of business operations. I also spent 4 years on international assignments which included product deployments in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

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