Gina Hayes

Mathematics Department

MiraCosta Community College


Math Quote Of The Week:
“Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.”
~Dean Schlicter

Spring Semester 2014:

 Math 64 M/W 3:00-4:50pm (2778)

     Book Homework

     Homework PDF #1 (Ch 7)
     Homework PDF #2 (Ch 8 & 9.3)
     Homework PDF #3 (Ch 10)
     Homework PDF #4 (Ch 11 & 12)
     Guided Notes Chapter 7 (annotated ch. 7 look at here)
     Guided Notes Chapter 8 & 9.3 (annotated ch. 8 look here)
     Guided Notes Chapter 10 (annotated ch. 10 look here)
     Guided Notes Chaper 11 & 12 (annotated ch. 11-12 look here)

Summer Semester 2014


Free Math Tutoring for Students:

Math Learning Center

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Other Helpful Links:
Wolfram Alpha
A good Pre-Algebra website for students in Math 20
A good Algebra website for students in Math 30/Math 64
Online Timer
Online Graphing
Click here to print out graph paper
(Thanks Matt M. for making this file!)

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