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  • BUS 120, Introduction to Business
  • BA (Accounting Info Sys), Michigan State University
  • MBA, Michigan State University
  • VOICEMAIL: 760.757.2121 x1321
  • EMAIL: jhansen@miracosta.edu
Julie Hansen
BUS 120 Class

Julie Hansen earned her M.B.A and B.A at Michigan State University, with an emphasis in Accounting Information Systems.  While in Graduate School she worked for the Senior Accounting Staff as a Graduate Assistant writing exams for the Accounting Principles classes and was active in Beta Alpha Psi, the Honorary Accounting Fraternity. 

After graduation, she joined Arthur Andersen’s San Francisco Office in their Business Systems Consulting practice where she advised large, medium and small businesses on their accounting information systems strategies.  After discovering her love of the Information Systems side of accounting, she joined SAP America where she held a variety of positions and did extensive world-wide travel supporting customers with software strategies, performing software implementations and advising them on upcoming release functionality. 

After moving to San Diego she decided to pursue her passion for teaching and started teaching Financial and Managerial classes at San Diego City and Mesa Colleges.  Julie is enthusiastic about teaching and strives to keep her classes current, interactive and applicable, which makes business a fascinating topic to learn! 

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BUS 120 Introduction to Business Chapters for first two weeks of semester (PDFs):

BUSN-6: CH01 CH02

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On-Campus Class Evaluations:
Fall 2012: BUS120:1278

Teaching Philosophy/Style and Class Management/Activities

This semester I will be teaching you the basics of business – and we will get a flavor of the many sides there are to business, from marketing to accounting to production and technology.  It is my experience that having active and involved classroom provides the best possible way to learn.  I am a very energetic and enthusiastic individual and I like to use creative ways of presenting the topics we will be covering.  Every week I cover a different aspect of business and weave in something exciting to reinforce the topic – from guest speakers to tours to classroom and group activities. 

Throughout the semester, we will be weaving in current events from our community, country and world that relate to our topic on hand.  Any assignments I give for you to complete outside of the classroom are designed to be educational, related to our current topic – and sometimes even fun! 

I am dedicated to making this class interesting, educational and thought-provoking for you.  I anticipate that you may be at a point where you might be considering many different paths for both your career and education, and by taking this class you will hopefully get a clearer direction that fits for you.

I strive to make this class a great experience for you, and I am dedicated to seeing you grow in a number of ways.  We will be getting a taste of business while also working to improve and perfect our interpersonal, group and presentation skills – all of which will be critical to your success going forward.  By the same token, I anticipate that by taking this class you are committed to come to every class, be an active participant and be responsible for the assignments you are assigned – all in an effort for you to gain as much as you can out of this class and your education.

We will be using Blackboard in our class, which is where you can go to get accurate and up-to-date information about your grades, communicate with me, and find announcements, assignments. etc. 
I bring my "all" to every class, and if you meet me half way, this will be a fun introduction to the world of business.  I look forward to meeting you!