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  • BS, Wayland University
  • MS, National University
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Joe Molina


Excited Students

Mr. Molina is a Business Consultant with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), which is located at the MiraCosta College CLC at 1823 Mission Ave, Oceanside, and he coordinates the Young Entrepreneurship Project (YEP). Information on the SBDC services can be found at Information about the Young Entrepreneurship Project may be found at

Mr. Molina’s Academic experience includes a position at Park University serving as the Academic Director and Instructor teaching Organizational Behavior, Management and Business Policy. He is also an Instructor at Cal State San Marcos Extended Studies teaching Management courses.

Mr. Molina has served as Chairman of the Board for a local Credit Union and is also a coauthor of two textbooks “Creating High Performance Employees” and “Business in a Week”. Both Textbooks are scheduled to be published in 2011. MiraCosta Team
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BUS 134:1151 Spring 2015

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BUS 170 Entrepreneur I Chapters for first two weeks of semester (PDFs):


BUS 170 Entrepreneur Chapters for first two week of semester (PDF): CH01 CH02

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Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) Info / January 2011 NCT Article on YEP

Online Class Evaluations:(comments to each of the survey questions are summarized at the end of each survey)

Fall 2012: BUS134:2383 (31 students) Pt1 Pt2

Teaching Philosophy/Style and Class Management/Activities

My Goal
To provide students with the opportunity to experience current and relevant knowledge to help student successfully and effectively compete in his/her chosen career/path.
To achieve the goal, students apply during class critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and receive current, relevant and applicable knowledge.

My Teaching Strategy
To achieve the goal of helping students, it is important to guide students with course content and relevant tasks to achieve the desired objective and stimulate student’s critical thinking and real life experience. Students are assigned current and relevant Industry related activities so student can experience firsthand the current environmental impact and be able to relate that to the learning experience. 

Knowledge of Subject
It is imperative to maintain current event knowledge. Industries and environments are changing faster than ever which makes it crucial for students to keep abreast of the changes. Therefore it is imperative that Instructors as well as students maintain a hunger for learning.   

Student Participation
It is important for students to participate in class. Student to student participation encourages team works and creates levels of Synergy that because breeding grounds for “automatic and instantaneous Learning”.
Students acquire invaluable skills when working in teams. These acquired skills will later become essential to the success of student’s career.

Making Material Relevant
Making material relevant is a priority in these classes. Even though a high emphasis is placed on the theory of the concepts, equal importance is place on the applicability and use of such concepts by implementing Activity-Based Learning. So we do not just talk about a shopping mall we visit one, we do not just talk about a business owner we interview one, etc.

Fair, Positive and encouraging environment
The use of correct communication and active listening skills are also implemented in class, maintaining a respectful, positive and encouraging environment. Opinions should and must be supported by data, opinions without data are just opinions and little learning is achieved from them. An opinion with supportive data encourages a more solid and robust dialoged amongst students. Furthermore it is equally important for students to implement active listening and communication skills when communicating.

Course format
The course should be simple straight forward and clear for the student. It t should be the responsibility of each student to understand the guidelines and or changes presented by instructor. A solid commitment from student to complete assignments is expected.