Marine Biology is the study of marine life and the roles organisms play in structuring marine communities.

The field of Marine Biology encompasses a broad scope of biological sciences from molecular genetics and cellular biology to fisheries and ecosystem management.

Marine Biologists may develop new drugs for fighting cancer and other diseases, collect and purify new materials from unsuspecting biological sources, develop new approaches to the preservation of the natural environment, and discover new links to our evolutionary past.

As the world’s last remaining unexplored biome, the ocean is thought to hold the secrets to many of today’s problems and researchers are grappling with the immense task of developing methods to learn about the many ways in which life in the ocean persists.

  • Scripps Scientists Discover Rich Medical Drug
    Resource in Deep Ocean Sediments

    Promising cancer-fighting candidates emerge
    from tropical ocean 'mud'

  • "Godzilla" Fossils Reveal Real-Life Sea Monster
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