Keith Cunningham

Biological Sciences

A.A., Fullerton College
B.A., Claremont Men's College
M.S., University of California, Irvine

Mail Station: 8C
(760) 757-2121, ext. 6401

Welcome to my web page! I've been at MiraCosta since 1984 and have assisted in the development of a large portion of the curricula offered in the life sciences. My educational background and academic interests are varied and diverse, as a result I consider myself a generalist in the field of biology.  As an undergraduate, my interests focused primarily on biochemistry and medical applications in biology (exercise physiology).  As a graduate student, I directed my continued interests in physiology toward themes of ecology and evolutionary biology. My graduate research in physiological animal ecology looked at animal energetics in field situations.  Naturally my academic research interests are incorporated into and reflect on the material I teach here at MiraCosta.

Currently I am involved in the instruction of General Biology (BIO 100/101), General Biology Lab (BIO101L), Ecology and Environmental Biology and lab (BIO 102) and Natural History of California (BIO 130/130L).  BIO 130/130L is currently organized as a field class offered during summer session.  It focuses primarily on the Sierra Nevada mountain range of central California and adjoining Great Basin districts.  Click on the above link for additional information and pictures of past trips.

If you are currently a member of one of my classes you can access files specific to that course by visiting my Blackboard site identified below.  Here you can download assigned journal articles (via the MCC library), homework and other information relevant to your class.  Many of these links are in the form of pdf files and are downloaded using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer you can install it for free by visiting the MCC Library Web site (and their link) or by going to the Adobe Web site directly (click here for access).  At either site you can follow their instructions and download Adobe Acrobat Reader to your home computer.

Once downloaded to your computer, the pdf files are then available to be read or printed.  In the case of assigned homework, all homework pdf files are to be printed. The work is then completed by hand and turned in on the date announced in class. Homework assignments are not to be e-mailed.

You will likely want to peruse course content materials for the class you are enrolled in or for a class you are considering.  You can access such documents by clicking on the following link: Biology Department .  Once in the Departmental page select the link to "Course Descriptions" to download a pdf version of the college catalogue.  You can then navigate to the classes listed under Biology.  Additionally you may want to inform yourself of the Academic Standards statement many of the faculty at MiraCosta have adopted.  Useful information can be found in this pdf document leading to a more productive and successful academic experience.


I am a founding member of the MiraCosta Institute of Intuitive Ecology (MIIE) and a faculty advisor for the Natural Science Club. Check out the Natural Science Club web page to investigate opportunities and current events.

Outside of college life (and that's not much time!) I enjoy camping, backpacking, hiking, biking, fishing, cooking, and running (to burn off some of those calories). At home I am one of two humanoid servants to several wiener dogs and desert tortoises. Click on the butterfly below for pictures of the wiener dogs: Bugatti '37, Luc, Lily or the desert tortoises: Bill-Bob and Gus-the-Fish.

Thanks for visiting my Web page. Check back for updates.

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