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  • BUS 117, Human Resources Management
  • FACULTY MENTOR, Internship Studies
  • BA, University of California San Diego
  • MBA, San Diego State University
  • PhD, University of San Diego
  • SPHR Certified
  • VOICEMAIL: 760.757.2121 x1393
  • EMAIL: khorning@miracosta.edu
Karen Kramer Horning


Excited Students

With her consulting firm, NextLevel Human Resources, Karen works with high technology and biotechnology startups as well as mature telecommunications, wireless, and Internet companies.  In the past, she has held various HR positions with AT&T, CERFnet, Vayusphere, and Allegiant Technologies.

Karen's areas of expertise include strategic recruitment and retention programs, corporate restructurings, merger and acquisition transitions, compensation and performance management, organizational development, benefits and incentive program design, and corporate training.

Karen is certified by the Human Resources Certification Institute as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and is also an instructor in the HR Certificate Program at UCSD. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a Specialized Certificate in Online Teaching from UCSD, a Master's degree in Business Administration from SDSU and a PhD in Leadership Studies from USD, where her research is focused on Organizational Leadership and Work-Family Conflict.

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BUS 117

BUS 117 Fall 2012 Flatworld Text Info


BUS 117 Fall 2012


BUS 117


IMPORTANT NOTE on CLOSED Classes: All the online classes and many of the on-campus classes close quickly. You should register ASAP if you are interested in any class. If you change your mind, please drop the class immediately so others can enroll. If the class is closed, consider the Wait List procedures; be aware of the rules and the limitations. Otherwise, consider these options: 1) register for another section if available; 2) register for another class; 3) consider registering in a future semester; 4) show up for the first day of an on-campus class and discuss with the instructor; or 5) forget about it and move on. The instructor will not intervene with the wait list procedure.

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Online Class Evaluations:(comments to each of the survey questions are summarized at the end of each survey)

Fall 2012: BUS117:1280 (34 students) Pt1 Pt2

Fall 2012: BUS117:1280 (Instructor-administered) Results

Teaching Philosophy/Style and Class Management/Activities

The course is designed with the intention of you receiving a practical and engaging online learning experience from which you gain valuable insight into the human resources management concepts and legal requirements applicable to the workforce.   As a longtime HR professional, I strive to teach students not only what they must know to comply with applicable laws, but also to develop the perspective of an ethical employer who is focused on doing what is right.  By studying these concepts and applying this information to current and future personal and business situations you may develop a more strategic and also compassionate perspective of what it means to be an employee or an employer. 

You will receive a good overview of trends which affect the labor market, both locally and globally.  You will engage in detailed study of specific labor law, job analysis, employee selection, performance appraisal, and employee training and development.  We will also discuss theories and techniques of supervision, salary and benefits administration, employee motivation, and union relations. Our work in this course will expand your understanding of the business world and provide you with helpful insights for employment decisions, both personally and professionally.

While this course is entirely online, it is not self-paced.  Online courses require strong self-discipline, good time management skills, and a proactive attitude toward the class and assignments.  You should anticipate spending approximately 6-10 hours per week on the course (equivalent to 3 hours in class and 3-7 hours outside class, depending on your abilities, efficiency, and study habits).  To be successful, you will need to log into the course web site at least 3 times per week.  Assignments include multiple choice quizzes and exams, case study analysis, and online discussions.  I am very available to students via email and phone (you can expect a response from me within 12 hours, mostly sooner!) and am also happy to schedule in-person meetings if needed.

Here’s what students have to say about this class:

“The professor is easy going, but disciplined to keep you alert as to what is being taught. The online format is adaptable to learning. Class involvement and communication is strongly encouraged. Instructor is very patient and understanding.”

“Professor Horning was helpful, encouraging and made the class enjoyable.  I also appreciate that the text book she used was immensely helpful and full of interesting data.  I'm not specifically working within the HR profession but found the information taught in this class applicable to my career.  And I am planning on keeping my textbook as reference material.  For a working adult returning to school to get her degree I'd like to thank Professor Horning for making it such a wonderful experience - it was a great class!”

“I liked this course because I felt the information given was pertinent and useful.  Discussions were great because we usually discussed HR situations we've all been in before, just on the other side of the coin.  Having Karen as an instructor certainly helped the course move right along.  She is reasonable with grading and assignments, and seems to have a pretty good connection with the students, despite the class being online.”

“This class was a great learning experience for me. I really got a clear perspective of the business world. I enjoyed interacting with the other students as well as being expected to come up with our own answers. This class taught me a lot and gave me a look at what the business world will be like. All together this class was worth every minute put into it.”

“I liked the interaction through the discussion board, by being able to argue points and reflect on our own answers while understanding the learning points. I liked the professor’s views and ability to interact with the students.”