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Thank you for visiting my web page!  Hope the new millennium has been good to you so far.  I am an Instructional Technology Specialist with Miracosta College. I have lived in the San Diego area for 15 years and loving it. 

I call Tucson, AZ my home where I graduated from High School.  It's a nice town to live if you can survive the summers.  I know, it's a "dry heat" but hot non the less.

I have a fourteen year old son (I'm feeling old) who's quite a character and lives with his mom in the Seattle, WA area.  I try to have him down every summer and we have a great time.  That's me and my son Lonnie to the left.  Original name eh?

























I'm one of seven children (5 boys and 2 girls) and it would seem that my parents had a since of humor.  The reason as to why our names rhyme is to long to go into so, here it goes…...Ronnie, Connie, Johnny, Bonnie, Donnie, Lonnie, & Billy.  I guess they ran out of onnie's.

My mom is a great person and one of my best friends.  She has a great sense of humor.  That's me and her to the left.  She lives on the outskirts of Tucson  and loves arts and crafts.  I hope all of you were as lucky as I to have such a great mom.






















I have two brothers in Alaska and I go up and visit when I have the chance.  If you have never been I strongly recommend the trip.  It definitely is the last frontier.  My brother Donnie loves to snow mobile and I join him when I visit.  It really is a blast.
Wow, from the blistering winters of Tucson to the chilling winters of Alaska.  Anyway, Donnie is an avid skeet shooter as well.  There's not a lot of meat on skeet and they taste best grilled but they are gobs of fun.  Donnie often competes and really does very well.  His wonderful Darcie puts with him for some unknown reason. Below you'll see the fun in the snow and a picture of me and my bro!





































We're almost to the end and if you're still awake let me thank you again for visiting my web page and allowing me to share my family with you.  I'm 38 and single but I don't live with my mom so I guess that's the good news.  I love to golf so if anyone has any good golf web sites please let me know.  You can email me from the link at the bottom of either page. 













As a armed services veteran I would like to personally think the men and women who protect our freedom and way of life.  Having been away from loved ones deployed overseas I know how rough it can me.  My thoughts, prayers, and hope for a safe trip home are with you all.