Michael Nolte
Media Services Technical Specialist

M/S 11A Room 1204
Phone: (760) 757-2121, ext. 6408 Cel: (760) 415-1562
(760) 795-6723 On-Call: On-campus 6701 Off-campus 795-6701
E-mail: mnolte@miracosta.edu

Page last modified June 10, 2008

The Media Services Technical Specialist is one of two full-time staffers of the Media Services department of Academic Information Services (AIS) and is responsible for a variety of tasks relating to instruction and staff support on all three of MiraCosta's campuses. Media Services handles a wide range of jobs under four broad categories:

System Design and Installation
Media Services can take an AV system from concept to completion. Almost all of MiraCosta's 130 standing classroom presentation, sound reinforcement and audio/video production systems have been handled completely in-house. We can spec components, consult with faculty, staff, architects and vendors, design cabinets and workstations, order, install, test and train faculty and staff on the proper use and application of the equipment. Performing this work in-house makes it easier and more cost-effective to deliver the system the instructor needs, and allows us to easily reconfigure equipment to meet changing needs.

Audio/Video Production Services
Media Services has produced countless audio and video recordings of stage events and campus activities, as well as instructional and promotional material. We can light and shoot single- and multi-camera both in the field and in the studio adjacent to the Media Services office, provide post-production editing and graphics and prep material for DVD, live streaming or other multimedia distribution. We also provide audio recording and editing services, along with conversion and duplication of many audio and video formats.

Event Support
MiraCosta holds numerous live events throughout the year, ranging from small group activities to mid-level seminars and music performances in the Theatre and other campus venues to large-scale events such as our yearly Commencement in May. Media Services is able to handle almost any request in support of these activities, primarily sound reinforcement, but also audio/videotaping and video reinforcement. For events requiring equipment or personnel not available in-house, Media Services will handle rentals or hiring of temporary staff.

Traditional Audio-Visual Services
Media Services provides equipment and resources associated with traditional AV needs. Even though instructors are more and more dependent on computers and online teaching, there are still demands to support older media. We maintain a stock of overhead projectors, TV carts, cassette recorders and slide/film projectors, and distribute them to classrooms as requested. We also handle repair and preventive maintenance of all components in our inventory. Media Services also provides lamination, poster printing and audio/video duplication in support of both instructional and special purpose requirements

If you have any questions about various AV equipment and systems, or if certain classrooms have the equipment you need, check out this link. The index is arranged numerically by room and outlines specific functions, capabilities, general policies and contacts. Many of these pages have links to PDF downloads of system instructions, operation manuals and schematics.
There's lots of stuff in the works--new installations, system upgrades, building refits and more. Check out this link to find out what Media Services is currently working on and where and when it'll happen, as well as the status of projects in progress .

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