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  • BS, Northwestern University
  • MBA, University of Phoenix
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Nina Lovejoy
BUS 135 Class

Nina Lovejoy has over 15 years of marketing and sales experience in the medical, biotechnology and industrial arenas. Her talents include developing, promoting, and marketing novel products and expanding into new market segments. Her favorite aspect of marketing is product management and she enjoys participating in the new product development process.   

In addition to teaching at MiraCosta, Nina is also a consultant at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) where she assists local businesses with their marketing efforts.  She also coordinates the college program of the Young Entrepreneur’s Project (YEP for short).  Information on the SBDC services and a link to YEP can be found at

Nina has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.  Her passion for marketing is infectious and her goal is to make class interesting, applicable and fun. MiraCosta Team
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BUS 132:1235 Fall 2013 (SEC)
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BUS 132 Marketing Chapters for first two weeks of semester (PDFs):

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Teaching Philosophy/Style and Class Management/Activities

I teach Marketing, Advertising and Personal Selling.  While not everyone will go into one of these fields, the skills learned in these classes are transferable to students’ personal and work lives. The basic premise of the marketing concept is meeting customer wants and needs; it has applications beyond the traditional business environment of marketing goods or services to external customers.  People in organizations, communities and families are customers as well.  Learning marketing skills helps students develop a win-win mindset by considering the wants and needs of others.  There will be times when students need to promote ideas or sell themselves in a job interview; skills gained in class will help in these situations as well.  The key to success is communication, developing effective written and oral communication skills are a common theme in all the classes I teach.  I hope to foster an environment that promotes the “three R’s,” not in the traditional sense, but through Real World Experience, Respect and Reach.

Real World Experience – I have many guests in my classes and share my own work experience.  I also aim to have students apply what they learn to their own organizations through real world exercises and projects.

Respect – I try to cultivate respect in my classes, considering many viewpoints that have value and are welcomed.  Students must show respect for other students in the class, for the instructor and for the guests that come in to share their knowledge and experience.  Respect also means accountability – while I recognize “life happens” and I am open to working with students as long as they take responsibility for issues and communicate with me in advance.

Reach – I hope that students in my classes will grow.  I believe in goals, going beyond the minimum and stretching outside of one’s comfort zone.  It is my hope that in addition to the knowledge they acquire, students experience personal growth in a fun environment.

I look forward to working together.