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  • ACCOUNTING Instructor
  • ACCT 101, Practical Accounting
  • ACCT 148, Computer Accounting
  • BBA, Hofstra University
  • MA Computer Educ, USIU
  • MBA, National University
  • Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor
  • VOICEMAIL: 760.757.2121 x1386
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Susan Noble


Excited Students

Susan Noble currently holds an MBA in Accountancy, an MA in Computer Education (both earned in San Diego) and a BBA in Accountancy earned in Hempstead, New York. She has been a community college instructor at MiraCosta College for 8 years, and a tax preparer with H&R Block for 5 years. She also owns and operates a local business called Noblest Intentions Inc. which helps small businesses grow and develop by providing them with accounting, computer, administrative and tax services, instruction, training and technical support. 

She continues to stay certified as an Intuit QuickBooks Pro Advisor (since 2000) because of the program’s popularity, manageability, flexibility and widespread use amongst small business as a financial accounting package.

Education builds character, integrity, and self confidence.   Susan wants her students to enjoy her class, improve their skills and marketability and be successful in whatever they do. MiraCosta Team
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ACCT 101 Practical Accounting
ACCT 148 Computer Accounting


ACCT 148:1269 Spring 2015

ACCT 148:1011 Fall 2014
ACCT 148:1018 Fall 2014

ACCT 148:1198 Summer 2014


ACCT 101
ACCT 148

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Online Class Evaluations:(comments to each of the survey questions are summarized at the end of each survey)

Fall 2012: ACCT148:1011 (26 students) Pt1 Pt2
Fall 2012: ACCT148:1018 (18 students) Pt1 Pt2

Teaching Philosophy/Style and Class Management/Activities

My Teaching Philosophy:  My name is Susan Noble and I will be your instructor. In this online course you will master the application of computer accounting principles and procedures. Computer Accounting and QuickBooks knowledge is a “must have” in today’s technological accounting and bookkeeping workforce. I use it exclusively with clients in my business, Noble Intentions Inc, a professional service company since 1995 that helps small business grow and develop through professional accounting, computer, office administration, and tax services. I believe education builds character, integrity, and self confidence.

I want my students to enjoy the class, work hard, do their best and be successful in their endeavors.  For extra help I invite you to participate in 4 optional on-ground lab/workshops. I hold them on selected Saturdays in a computer lab at the Oceanside Campus (OCN) and at the San Elijo Campus (SEC). You can bring your laptop. This gives you an opportunity to meet with me and your fellow classmates and work out those issues that you might be having with the program or with a concept. The dates are announced by the first week of class

Instructor Responsibility:  No matter how experienced and knowledgeable I am about the subject matter, I am always learning too. My job is to set up a good format for learning the subject and make myself available as needed to assist in the learning process. I expect students to read the syllabus and all other course-related documents and announcements, to know the class rules and deadlines for submissions, to complete the assignments timely, and to take responsibility for compliance. I welcome creative ideas and suggestions from students.

Student Responsibility:  Take full responsibility for knowing the requirements, rules, deadlines, activities, and proactively work through all to make the class a success for you. If you miss an assignment, do assignments incorrectly, if your computer crashes, if your internet is down or other life activities take precedence, make intelligent choices and don’t make excuses.  Although the course is entirely online, it is not self-paced. You are to complete the assignments for each week generally on your own time schedule within that week. You may read ahead, but you will only be able to respond to the discussion board and submit assignments during the current week. Your first priority is to be sure all assignments are completed on time. Do not fall behind. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson’s concepts and materials. No late assignments (except in emergencies) will be accepted. .

Complete and submit your own original work, and act and behave ethically, honestly, and politely throughout the course. Assist each other in learning the subject, discussing topics, and recommending resources or assisting with technical and other areas. Collaboration and using everyone’s skills and knowledge will give the best results. Don’t be afraid to ask and to share, either online or in person. There is an amazing amount of skill and knowledge in the class as a whole that one instructor cannot hope to duplicate. Strive to make yourself a good and available resource for others.