Internet Resources


I belong to a technology listserv that recently debated the "good" and "potential disservice" of teaching ESL online. Several participants submitted innovative examples of how they are teaching ESL online or as an enhancement to existing courses. Some of the best are listed below.

Skip's Radio Scripts for English Language Learners

Skip Reske has developed high interest authentic readings from actual radio broadcasts based on Hollywood movies. He has scripts for Casablanca, It's a Wonderful Life, and The Time Machine. He also has developed dictionary support, online quizzes and grammar activities. Check it out!

San Jose Online ESL Course

Sabri Bebawi and Kathleen Hanson at San Jose City College have developed these innovative online classes for ESL students. Their primary goals were to provide students and teachers with a wide array of resources that focus on English language acquisition and offer a similar wide variety of practice exercises to support ESL students at the college. Be prepared to spend some time at this site.

Andrea Uram's ESL Homepage

Andrea has assembled an impress array of ESL resources for students and teachers. You should also check out Statewide ESL Homepage. Andrea is the Co-coordinator with Susan Gaer. You will encounter a wealth of links and contacts. Be patient, though, because not all links are active. However, it is well worth your efforts.

Many sites now offer a fantastic compilation of resources. They become a "one stop fits all" type of website. I mentioned this website in a previous email, but it must keeps getting better and better.

Sweetwater UHSD ESL Computer Lab

Some of the features are hot sites, website of the month, quizzes grouped by proficiency level, lessons and worksheets for songs, and much much more. This site is great for all ESL levels.

Finally, check out this great VESL website.

Vocational Information

This site offers some of the most complete information to explore vocational careers. Students can see skills emplooyuers want, find a place to study, do research and see current job information.

Remember to share your favorite websites with me, and I’ll post them in the next issue of The Communicator.