Talking Technology with Kristi Reyes

CATESOL 2007 Integrating Video Workshop
Thanks to everyone who attended the workshop Angela Webster and I presented at CATESOL on integrating video. We appreciated your support. If you want the video clips shown at the workshop, e-mail one of us. To download a copy of the handout and instructions for other technology projects described below, see

Technology Integration
This spring I completed my two-year commitment to OTAN’s Technology Integration Mentor Academy (TIMAC). To help me with my efforts to encourage technology integration, Jayne Bernasconi, Debbie Hanley, and Eli Clarke all agreed to implement computer projects -- class newsletters. Jayne had Citizenship students interview each other and write articles for the Citizenship Newsletter (see
If you are interested in making a class newsletter, the website listed above has instructions for using Publisher or Word templates that you can download.

Thanks, too, to Jayne, Carla Stoner, Carol Gross, Debbie, and Gretchen Vallette, who attended the mini workshop on creating a simple class website with links. With SchoolNotes, students only need to go to, type in the school’s zip code, and click on teacher’s name. You can see Carla’s SchoolNotes class webpage at With Filamentality at, you can also make hotlists, but other formats include a scrapbook, a scavenger hunt, a sampler, and a webquest. See more examples of these at l

You probably also recall receiving an e-mail message from me about OTAN’s pilot of Discovery Education’s unitedstreaming for adult educators at However, if you are like me, you probably have not had a chance to check out much of the more than 5000 streaming videos, music and sounds, images, and lesson and quiz builder on this site. If you have more time this summer and would like to search for free materials to download and use in your class, e-mail me for a passcode, which you need to set up your own account.

Tech Tips
Sylvia Ramirez heard about our colleagues at SDCCD sharing tech tips via e-mail and initiated the same distance mentoring here at the CLC. In case you missed any of the TGIF Tech Tip e-mails or would like a document with all the tips compiled, see my google page. You will also find a handout with answer key of some common keyboarding shortcuts I used in the VESL class for download. Would you like to see more tech tips in the fall? Do you have a tech tip to share? E-mail me your comments and suggestions.

Fall Orientation Flex Workshop

Eli and I will be collaborating on a flex workshop at fall orientation. E-mail us your computer training needs and desires!

Websites to Browse for Teaching Ideas, Projects, and Materials
Boggle’s World: ESL Activities for Adults (numerous handouts and games): (Advanced English Lessons):
E.L. Easton: Materials for Teaching and Learning:
ESL Podcards:
Free English ESL Grammar Games: (need to register to access games)
Hello-World (good for lower levels):
Life in the USA: The Complete Guide for Immigrants and Americans:
Reading Comprehension Exercises:
SpokenSkills’ ESL Oscars Student Video Competition:
The Daily English Show (on YouTube): and the creator’s blog:
The Key New Readers Newspaper:
The Learning Edge:
Writing Den:

Technology Integration
Award-Winning Teacher Larry Ferlazzo’s website:
Blogs for ESL students (contributed by Eli) and : (sites to make a free blog); and of ESL Blogs)

Computers and Keyboarding
Computers for ESL Students:
Free Touch Typing Program (online):
Kiran’s Typing Tutor (free download):

Oodles of Google Resources
Google Guide (Cheat Sheet for searching with google):
Google for Educators: Google Tools for Your Classroom (links to free google tools such as Blogger, Page Creator, Picassa, Sketchup):
Google Crib Sheets (descriptions of google’s tools, explanations of how they are used in education, examples):

Tools for Voice Recordings for Pronunciation Instruction
DL Recorder:
Praat: Doing Phonetics by Computer:

For Teachers
PBS Teachers (free lesson plans, teacher professional development opportunities, videos, blogs, podcasts, images):
TeacherTube (YouTube for Teachers):

Free Resources and Tools Online or for Download
Free Online Translation:
List of “Digital Diamonds” (several freeware descriptions and links a CUE workshop):
Several Sources of Open-Source Software:
Speakonia (free downloadable text-to-speech program):

Vidipedia Video Encyclopedia:
5 Min. Life Videopedia and Video Jug (numerous how-to videos): and