Internet Resources


The TMN (Technology Online Network) had an online meeting to share favorite websites. Here are favorite websites from some of the state's power technology users.

1. - Collection of GED
websites for students, from Dave Williams, Beaumont
2. Videos and other
tools for career search, from Linda Boice, Elk Grove
3. - Create a class website with a discussion board, shared by Marian Thacher, OTAN
4. Interactive games for students. Click on Students, then the globe, then
explore America Interactive Games from Nancy Bernahl, Monterey
5. - graphic organizers, from Donna Price-Machado, San Diego
6. bingo card maker, from Donna Price-Machado, San Diego

The following websites were provided by Fernanda Carrera from South San Francisco.
7. - Take a tour of the White House.
8. This is an online version of the classified ads. You can find just about
anything including community events and discussions (message boards) where
you can post questions on different topics.
9. - Good vocabulary exercises
10. Interactive geography test on the 50 states

Note: If you go to, you will find handouts Fernanda developed for several of her websites.

Listening Websites

Marian Thacher compiled a list of great listening sites. Take time and explore the variety of audio and video clips. I think it is one of the best collection of listening websites I have seen. Go to and prepare to spend a lot of time exploring these websites. I believe we have the answer to the question, "Can ESL students receive meaningful listening practice online?"

Information about Cities in the United States

Several instructors have had projects where they have asked students to locate information about cities in the United States. Often the information students find is too difficult. has useful information about U.S. cities in a bulleted style.