This is a large variety of Internet links for teachers and students of English as a Second Language. It is maintained by the Internet TESL Journal. Therefore you can expect the links to be current.

Dave's ESL Cafe
There are endless resources and opportunities to share information with ESL instructors from all over the world. Don't be surprised if Dave joins in on your the conversations.

This Day In History
This site is sponsored by the history channel and provides relevant historical information. Students can put in their birthdates and find out what happened in the world on that day. You may also send free historical greeting ecards that include information about what happened on that special day.

Leslis Opp Beckman has maintained this high quality site since 1995. The site provides writing and oral storytelling ideas with handouts that you have permission to copy! Ms. Opp Beckman is a leader in ESL technology. If you ever have a chance to attend one of her workshops, you will learn so much.

CNN Newsroom Resources for Teachers
This website provides current news for teachers. CNN provides a special student broadcast every day from1:30 to 2:00 AM that teachers may duplicate and share with their students. The website has online lessons to support each broadcast. There are also excellent interactive activities for students.

ESL Handouts and Resources from Purdue University
The Owl Online Writing Lab is one of the oldest and most respected online writing labs. They have an excellent array of handouts for ESL students and teachers.

Academic Exercises for the Academic Word List
Ruth Gay and Debbie Hanley have reviewed this website and said it is very helpful for their Level 7 students.

Crossroads Cafe Lesson Plans

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