Internet Resources


Literacy/Low Beginning Students

There are many computer activities for intermediate and advanced students. It is more difficult to find meaningful activities for beginning ESL students. Try the following link developed by Susan Gaer. There are activities for both literacy and low beginning students.

General ESL

Suzanne Woodward shared a favorite site - ESL Gold. This is a free commercial site with listening, speaking, reading and writing activities, grammar explanations, and teaching ideas. The content is categorized by skill and level.

Some of you may already have this website because I forwarded an email from Donna Price-Machado. If you need a summary of ESL resources- this is it! There are also lesson plans and teacher training modules.

One of my all time favorite sites isn't listed above, so I'm going to remind you about this great site. The website is called Interesting Things for ESL students. The site provides listening, vocabulary, reading and grammar activities. I have used this site with all levels and students love it!

Instructor Resources and Staff Development Opportunities

Otan for Teachers sponsors free online courses for Adult Ed and Literacy Practitioners. To use this site, you must register and have a password. It is an easy process and there are a multitude of resources.

The National Center for ESL Literacy Education (NCLE) has a comprehensive literacy education site. This link provides most frequently asked questions with answers and links to relevant websites. It is very comprehensive.

Do you have favorite websites? Be sure to share them with me, and I’ll post them in the next issue of The Communicator.