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  • BUS 135, Personal Selling
  • BS, University of LaVerne
  • MBA, University of LaVerne
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Sean Smith
BUS135 Class

Sean Smith has over a decade of experience working in the financial services industry. Currently he is the owner of Smith Financial Consulting LLC, an organization that works with Banks and Credit unions to provide consulting services for card processing, core processing and marketing assistance. Prior to this appointment Sean served in various roles as Vice President and Director of sales for companies selling ATM, Debit and Credit card programs to financial institutions nationwide. His favorite part of sales and marketing is the competition aspect as well as establishing great personal relationships. 

Sean currently lives in Carlsbad with his family and two dogs. In his free time he enjoys traveling, hiking the local trails, playing basketball as well as track and field. Check out Sean's "senior" athletic activity.


BUS 135:1222 Fall 2015


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Sean at the Scottish Games in Vista

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BUS 135 Personal Selling Chapters for first two weeks of semester (PDFs):

SELL-4: CH01 CH02

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BUS 135 Student Comments

Teaching Philosophy/Style and Class Management/Activities

Having gone through many years of undergraduate and graduate education without having the opportunity to participate in a sales class, I view BUS 135 - Personal Sales, as more than "just another class". Personal sales is something that we can all benefit from and impacts your life from the time you apply to get a job, to many of your actual job activities. You don't have to be in sales to need personal sales skills, and in my class we explore many of these associated sales roles.

As I am using these sales skills today with my own business, I make sure to bring in current material for my classes. It is common that I start off class by telling a story about a meeting that I had earlier that afternoon, so that the class can learn from my most recent sales adventures. It is also important to learn about business with knowledge of how the most current technology, apps and equipment effect us on the job.

Expect my classes to have a mix of practical and informative discussion about current events in business. I like to use video clips to help make certain points as well. I do my best to have each student, regardless of their individual background, honestly tell me that at the end of each class, they learned something new and useful. That is the goal in the end, to help each student progress in their academic and professional endeavors.