For information and resources regarding AEBG operations, please refer to the For AEBG Grantees section of the California Community College Chancellor’s Office Website.

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AEBG Information


AB 104: Adult Education Block Grant >>
District Boundaries Map >>
Glossary of Terms >>
AEBG Communications Tool Kit >>

Other Resources

Regional Economic Analysis >>
Publications & Reports >>
Collaboration Tools >>
Useful Acronyms >>
Sidekick Tools >>

AB 86 Historical Planning Resources

Certification of Eligibility >>
Planning Demographic Data >>
Apprenticeship Information >>
Report on October 31, 2014 Plans to Date >>
Sample Memorandums of Understanding >>
LA Regional Student Survey Samples >>
Implementation Survey >>

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Beatriz Aguilar, Adult Education Block (AEBG) Supervisor
760.757.2121, ext. 8782