change YOUR password with on-campus desktop computer (iOS/MAC)

  1. Turn off your MAC the night before the password reset. OR, on the day of the password reset, restart your MAC if it was left on from the evening before.
  2. Go to the Password Management System to change your password. Select one of the following: 1) clicking link: or, 2) launch a browser, go to the MiraCosta home page, select Employees and choose Employee Password Reset. Click the Password Management System link (
  3. Change your Keychain password as well. Go to the Applications Folder. Locate the Utilities folder and launch Keychain Access. From the Keychain Access menu, choose Keychain First Aid. When prompted for a password, try the old one first then your new one. Click the Repair radio button and click Start.
  4. If your Keychain password still does not change, from the GO menu pull down, choose Go to Folder. In the box which opens, enter ~/Library/Keychains and click the Go button. There should be a folder containing a cluster of letters and numbers. Pull this folder onto your desktop. Restart the MAC.
  5. When your MAC restarts, a new Keychain folder has been created. Move the desktop keychain folder into the Trash.
  6. If these steps do not resolve the Keychain issue, please contact the Employee Help Desk at 760 795-6850, or submit a Service Request via the online Help Desk in the Portal (MiraCosta home page, click Employees and choose Portal.