Email Upgrade Information

MiraCosta AIS will upgrade our mail servers March 15.
Mail will not be accessible March 15 from 12am - 6am.
Please quit Outlook before you leave campus for the March 14th weekend.

Once the work is complete, Outlook WebAccess will have a new appearance. Its new name is Outlook Web App.
Some email clients may require changes, such as pop, imap, integration with Gmail or Yahoo. Please read on for details.

While the additional servers will be added on March 15, your mailboxes will be migrated to the new servers in batches over a period of time, so different people will be upgraded at different times. If you have delegated access to your mailbox or calendar to another person, access should continue throughout the migration.

Please find below information you need to know relating to this change. Should you be unable to access your mail even after reviewing the below information, please open a helpdesk ticket. In the meantime, please use Outlook Web App as a workaround. Outlook Web App can be found at

iPad and iPhone

If you are being prompted for your password and cannot access mail on your iPhone or iPad, please do the following:

Solution: You'll need to remove the account and add it back in.
Go into Settings on your iPhone/iPad
2. Touch on the title: Mail, Contacts, Calendars \
3. Under “Accounts” touch on your  miracosta account. Choose to delete it
Then reboot your phone
Then, add it back:
The order of these steps may be different for your iPhone.

1. Go into Settings on your iPhone/iPad
2. Touch on the title: Mail, Contacts, Calendars
3. Under “Accounts” touch on Add Account
4. Touch Microsoft Exchange
5. Enter Your Email address . Enter your password
6. Leave the domain blank
7. In Username, type your name preceded by usa\ like this:    USA\user name, ex. USA\JSMITH
8.  Enter Your Password  again if prompted
9. Enter A description if you like
10. After filling in the necessary information, touch Next
11. At the next window, you want to touch continue
12. At the next window you will see Server, enter:
13. Touch next, if you get the message stating that the account was unable to confirm, then
14. Touch SAVE and it will confirm, unless your user name and password are incorrect
15. You are done, you can now check your mail using the mail icon

Please take a few minutes to view the four short videos which highlight a few features of the new Outlook Web App: