SSL Mail

AIS Technical Services has implemented a security enhancement to MiraCosta's mail services, specifically POP and IMAP.

Currently, when you check your mail using Eudora, iMail, Entourage, Outlook Express or Outlook from off campus, you are using protocols called POP or IMAP. Outlook Web Access uses https -- it does NOT use POP or IMAP.

The way things are currently configured, your username and passwords are transmitted in plain text that is easily captured.  By using SSL, your username and password are encrypted. SSL is available now!  Both the current unsecure and the secure SSL methods will be available to you until March 23, 2005. Beginning Wednesday, March 23 , you must use SSL to connect to your mail via POP or IMAP.  If you use POP or IMAP and have not already made these changes, you need to make a minor change to your software by March 23 2005.  How do you know if you use POP or IMAP?

What change do you need to make?

You need to change the incoming mail server settings to use port 995 for POP or port 993 for IMAP.

How do you make this change? Directions for making the slight change to several of the most popular email programs can be found here.

Please contact the Employee Technology Help Desk ( with any questions or issues about this process (, 760.795.6850 or, x6850).