Wireless Networking

MiraCosta College offers wireless "Wi-Fi" network access to students, staff and faculty. The wireless network is available throughout all college sites: Oceanside, San Elijo, TCI and the Community Learning Center.

Using Wireless: Click HERE for NEW FAST SECURE Wi-Fi

Wireless network services became available in November 2004.

MiraCosta College operates three wireless networks: One wireless network is available to both students and employees, and may require minimal configuration prior to use. The second wireless network is secured by WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and is available only to staff and faculty, and may require some configuration prior to use. The third is our newest fastest most secure option. Please see the FAQ's for our recommendations on keeping your data safe on our wireless network.

In order to use the wireless network, you will need to meet the following requirements:

Instructions for connecting your computer to the wireless network:

Wireless FAQs

Does wireless access cover the entire building?

Not necessarily. Wireless networks operate in a manner similar to cellular telephone service in that you may occasionally find dead spots in covered areas. These are usually caused by electronic interference or physical signal blockers such as large metal appliances or steel building infrastructure. As demand for wireless connectivity grows, the MCC wireless network will be expanded to provide better coverage for existing locations.

Are wireless networks secure?

Users should consider wireless networks insecure and use computer applications that provide their own protection, we recommend you use encryption tools such as SSH, SFTP, or SSL. We do offer students, faculty and staff access to a WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) network that is secure to insure security of district applications and data. To find out more about WPA2, check out the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Will MiraCosta install virus protection on your laptop?

MiraCosta will not install District-owned software on non District-owned mobile computing devices as this violates our software licensing agreements.

Wireless Policies

MiraCosta College wireless networking service is being offered according to the following terms:

Please contact Steve Schultz, Technical Services Coordinator with any questions or issues about wireless networking (sschultz@miracosta.edu, 760.795.6737 or, x6737).