Teach Internships or Co-op

Internships & Cooperative Work Experience Education are designed to provide MiraCosta students with workplace experience and new skills. These programs offer business, industry, and organizations the talents and energy of students who not only contribute to workforce development but strengthen the link between the educational and business communities.

Internship Studies and Cooperative Work Experience Education courses are transferrable to the CSU System. Credit options vary based on the number of hours the student is interning/working and the availability of courses during any given semester.

3 unit = 225 hours 3 unit = 180 hours
2 unit = 150 hours 2 unit = 120 hours
1 unit = 75 hours 1 unit = 60 hours
4 unit = 300 hours (Available in Paid Occupational Work Experience Only)

The Instructor

The Student

The Employer