Career counseling & Assessment

All students should choose their major before they develop their education plan. Choosing a major and a career is a process that can include exploring one’s interests and skills through college classes, internships, volunteer and/or work experiences, as well as leisure activities. To make an appointment call 760.795.6772 or visit Bldg.4700 on the Oceanside campus.

Career Counseling

Meet with a Career Counselor to help you choose a major and explore careers. It’s helpful to see a Career Counselor if you:

Career counselors are committed to providing guidance, information, and support to facilitate your career development journey.  We focus on YOU and assist you with a process to help you determine your educational and career goals. Remember, this process takes time, so visit us during your first semester at MiraCosta College.

A Career Counselor will help YOU:

Counselor Interpreted Assessments

Career counselors will meet individually with you to discuss your unique goals and experiences and to offer additional assessments and resources to guide your career decision-making process. Call the Career Center at 760.795.6772 to schedule an appointment with a career counselor.

Password Protected Sites

The Career Center offers programs to help you explore majors and careers. Please call 760.795.6772 or stop by Bldg.4700 on the Oceanside campus to get your password.