Cisco Networking Academy

The Cisco Networking Academy offers CCENT, CCNA, and Security training courses that prepare students for Information Technology (IT) industry employment and certifications.  The Academy program offers conceptual and practical skills-based training to prepare students for employment in the IT industry as well as those with a casual interest in learning more about computer networking.

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Noncredit Classes at MiraCosta Are Tuition-Free!

The MiraCosta Cisco Networking Academy has classes to prepare students for the CCENT, CCNA, and Security certifications. More information on these certifications can be found using the Certifications link on the left.

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How Will You Gain From Cisco Networking Training?

Because classes address concepts as well as practical skills, knowledge gained during the coursework is valuable for many types of positions. Students will find career opportunities as Help Desk staff, Network Support, Jr. Network Technician, Network Technician, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Consultant or Systems Engineer.

Explore job roles using the TechCareer Compass available through this link

The TechCareer Compass provides information for those new to the IT industry, as well as those already working as IT professionals.

Additionally, those thinking of acquiring skills in programming and development will find that they will be well-served by a solid foundation in networking as much development today is for networked solutions.

Training classes also provide the foundation knowledge for students to pass CompTIA certifications such as Network+ and Security+.

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All on-campus meetings - Held at the Community Learning Center at 1831 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, 92058, in room CLC133.

First class attendance policy - ALL students should attend 1st on-campus meeting for their class during the week of August 18th.  Students who do not attend the first class will be dropped from the class (and replaced by waitlist or walk-in students).

Waitlist vs. Crashing (walk in to first class)

We STRONGLY suggest that prospective students register for the class prior to first class meeting. If the class is full, add yourself to the waitlist in Surf. (Further instructions can be found using the link to the left.)

Waitlisted students should attend the first class meeting. Waitlisted students have priority over walk-ins/crashers, but you must attend.

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All Cisco classes are held at the Community Learning Center at 1831 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, 92058.  Room numbers are CLC133 (classroom) and CLC132 (lab).

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Apply for Admission as Noncredit Student

There are no pre-admission requirements for the Cisco program.  No transcripts or other documentation need to be provided with your application. (No transcripts are kept for noncredit courses either.)

However, it is assumed that prospective students have computer skills in using the Internet, email, and basic computer skills (saving files, etc.)  Class materials are online.

In summary, enrolling in a Cisco class requires 3 steps:

1 Apply for admission as noncredit student.
2 Retrieve your Surf (student) ID, and set the password.
3 Register (enroll) for the Cisco class

If you were not enrolled in a NONCREDIT class during last Fall or Spring semester at MiraCosta, you will need to complete the Noncredit Application.

Please read and follow all the instructions on the application page.

It can take 3-4 days for applications to be processed.

If you have problems with the application process, please contact the Noncredit Support Staff at
760.795.8710 for assistance.  You can also register in person at the Community Learning Center at 1831 Mission Avenue, Oceanside, 92058.

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Surf (student) ID

The following is an excerpt regarding your Surf ID.

“Once your application is processed you will need to retrieve your SURF ID and Password by going to the SURF website at  You will be asked a series of questions which will allow you to obtain your SURF ID and set up a password.

If you did not submit your social security number, we will assign and mail a substitute number that will be needed to obtain your SURF ID NUMBER online - OR - you may come to the Community Education office and by showing a picture identification, you may obtain your SURF ID NUMBER.”

Once you have your Surf ID and password, you can register for the class (enroll).

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Returning Noncredit Students

If you are a returning noncredit student, but did not enroll in noncredit classes during the previous semester, you will need to reapply. Once your application has been processed, your Surf ID remains the same.  However, passwords are reset every semester so you will need to change the password.

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Registration  - Enrolling in a Specific Class Section

Registration Process

In summary, enrolling in a Cisco class requires 3 steps:

Students enrolling in Cisco courses (NCVOC11, NCVOC12, NCVOC13, NCVOC14) may only enroll in one course at a time. (The Cisco Academy website prevents instructors from enrolling students in more than one course.)

All courses have lab time included in the course.

Please note that instructors and the Cisco coordinator are not able to assist students with Surf ID or password problems as they do not have access to those systems. You can also refer to the Apply link on the left for additional information.

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Class Registration Using Surf 

Having obtained your Surf ID and password, you are ready to register for your class. Be sure that you are registering for the appropriate class/section number.

Late registration is at the discretion of the instructor and dean and on a space available basis.

Be sure to note the date and time of the orientation for your specific class. Emails will be sent to the email address used for your Surf registration. Be sure that Surf has your preferred email address on record.

To complete your registration:

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Waitlist vs. Crashing (show up first class)

When classes reach their full registration (capacity=24), additional students may add their names to the waitlist during Surf registration process.

If you are on the waitlist, you definitely should attend the first class session.

When an instructor allows additional students to register for a class, students on the waitlist will have priority (over crashers). If there are still additional seats, then crashers will be able to register. (Additional enrollments are at the discretion of the instructor.)

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Permission Numbers

If you have not been a student at MiraCosta previously but are registering for a class other than NCVOC11, you might need a permission number from the instructor to complete the registration. Permission numbers basically override prerequisite requirements in the computer system.

The instructor of each course has access to permission numbers for his/her course. The main page of the website has the email addresses for all instructors.

Once you have obtained a permission number from the instructor, you can complete your registration. 
The following is the link to the instructions on using the permission number to complete the process.

A permission number will not be given if there is a waitlist for the class.

If you have problems with Surf registration, please contact the Surf Student HelpDesk or 760.795.6655 or the Noncredit Support Staff at 760.795.8710.

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Attend First Class

Be sure to attend the first class or you may lose your seat. Those who do not attend the first class session may be dropped from the class and replaced by students from the waitlist, or crashers.

Classes with fewer than 20 students are subject to cancellation.  Please be sure to register for a class prior to the first class meeting. 

You can attend the first class session if you have not registered.  However, you are not guaranteed a seat and there may be a delay in accessing course materials until your registration is processed.

Students registering late should contact and meet with the instructor within 3 days of their late registration or they may be dropped from the class.

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Community Learning Center (CLC)
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