Book List


All CCENT/CCNA books are optional as the reading materials are online. However, some students prefer to have printed materials.

The curriculum and books are currently being revised to map to the new Cisco tests.  Books are available at

The companion books to support the new CCNA R&S curriculum will publish shortly after the release of each course.

Companion Guides:Full-featured textbook.Companion Guides are portable references designed to reinforce online course material, helping students to focus on important concepts and organize their study time for quizzes and exams. Built off of the Course Booklet content, images and pedagogy have been added to enhance comprehension and retention.

Course Booklets:Offline reading resource; contains only the narrative from the online course.Read, highlight, and review on the go, wherever the Internet is not available. The text is extracted directly from the online course, with headings that have exact page correlations to the online course. An icon system directs the reader to the online course to take full advantage of the images, labs, Packet Tracer activities, and dynamic interactive activities. The books are intended to be used with the course.

Lab and Study Guides:A convenient, complete collection of all the course hands-on lab exercises and Packet Tracer activity instructions—plus dozens of exercises, activities, and scenarios to help students review vocabulary, strengthen troubleshooting skills, boost configuration skills, reinforce concepts, and research and analyze topics.