Waitlist / Crash / Walk-in Information

If you have problems with the registration process, please call the Noncredit Support Staff at 760-795-8710 for assistance. (Instructors do not have access to the various registration systems.)

Waitlist vs. Crashing (walk-in to first class)

When classes reach their full registration, additional students may add their names to the waitlist using Surf registration process.  If you are on the waitlist, you definitely should attend the first class session/orientation. 

When an instructor allows additional students to register for a class, students on the waitlist will have priority. If there are still additional seats (because of no-shows), then crashers will be able to register. (Additional enrollments are at the discretion of the instructor.)

You can attend the first class session if you have not registered.  However, you are not guaranteed a seat and there may be a delay in accessing course materials until your registration is processed. Those on the waitlist will have priority over walk-ins (crashers).

Note -- Classes with fewer than 20 students are subject to cancellation and may be cancelled PRIOR to first meeting.  Please be sure to register for a class prior to the first class meeting. 

The classroom seats 24.

Permission Numbers

If you have not been a student at MiraCosta previously but are registering for a class other than NCVOC11, you might need a permission number from the instructor to complete the registration.

The instructor of each course has access to permission numbers for his/her course. The main page of the website (About) has the email addresses for all instructors.

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