Welcome to MiraCosta’s HR Certificate Program. We are HRCI certified which means our course content meets the criteria established by the nationally recognized certifying body for the HR profession and counts toward required re-certification hours.

For those with at least two years experience in a salaried level HR position, this program will give you a wonderful overview of the information you need to know to pass the PHR exam. Our focus is on serving students who are not already considered HR professionals but the program is also a great opportunity for veterans to update and upgrade their skills.

Our program consists of six classes, all designed to address core competencies in the Human Resources field. Our instructors have attained MBA’s and SPHR status and, more importantly, have many years of HR experience. 

The classes listed below meet on 3 Fridays from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM for three consecutive weeks. So you can complete this program and get your certificate in three weeks.

History and Role of Human Resources in Today's Workplace

This workshop will focus on the basic Human Resource function, helping students to understand how HR fits into the context of the operation and leadership of the industry. Special emphasis will be given to the core competencies the HR professional needs to be successful. We will explore current trends and issues in HR development, strategies and best practices for addressing workforce issues, and current theories regarding workforce training

Creating and Administering an Effective HR Department

This workshop will focus on creating and administering an effective HR Department

Staffing (Recruiting & Retention) Strategies

This class will address the necessity for organizations to have effective staffing and recruiting strategies. HR’s role in recruiting and retaining top talent is crucial to an organization’s growth. Even small reductions in a company’s turnover rate can translate to a dramatic reduction in costs and a boost to the organizational climate. Learn to analyze and forecast workplace trends, explore best practices, and correct turnover problems using retention strategies.

Compensation, Benefits and Retirement Programs

An organization’s ability to attract the best employees is influenced by a good compensation package. The challenge is how to balance the high cost of such a package with the necessity to produce profit. The HR professional must be skilled at striking the best balance appropriate for the organization, which means understanding the rules and regulations governing compensation and how those rules and regulations impact the company.
Topics include:
• Exploring the different compensation approaches and practices
• Legal impact on compensation strategies
• Development of a base pay system
• Compensation administration process

Employment Law and Employee Relations

In this class, students will discover how employment law and employee relations can contribute to the success or failure of a business. Attention will be given to how the HR professional can minimize the liability of an organization by understanding and communicating policies and procedures that are grounded in a currently accepted legal framework. Additionally, students will learn how to get beyond the legal issues to create a positive organizational culture.
Topics include:

Effective Employee Relations and Termination

In this class, students will gain a better understanding and learn to effectively administer employee relations, launch and perform investigations and learn the best business practices for performing discipline and terminations that minimize a company's overall risk.

HR Program Frequently Asked Questions

Who should enroll in this certificate program?

Anyone with an interest in HR is welcome! We typically have four types of people who enroll in this program:

What is the difference between the MiraCosta HR Certificate program and the programs at CSUSM, UCSD, and SDSU?

This program is a non-credit program. Your certificate documents that you have completed 24 hours of instruction in HR. For-credit programs like the ones at the universities mentioned take much longer to complete (typically 2–4 years), are more expensive, and have credit requirements like required reading, homework, and exams. 

Some people who have completed the program at MiraCosta and would like to continue their formal HR education go on to complete credit certificates as well. Please refer to those organizations for any specific questions about their programs.

If I complete this certificate program, will I be able to take the PHR exam?

The PHR certification exam is offered through the Human Resources Certification Institute, which is not affiliated with MiraCosta. You may find out more about eligibility, test dates, and how to sign up for the exam here.

This certificate program is designed as an overview of the human resources body of knowledge set out by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). While completing the certificate will help you in your understanding of the material covered on the exam, this is not a test preparation course. The PHR exam is quite difficult and requires significant study time. There are self-study materials, test preparation courses, and study groups that can help you to study for and pass the exam.

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